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Smokey and Mib , same fight ? by Rimkrak

Hey everybody
so after spending the night processing a controversial lost ep and reading feedbacks here on darkufo , I wanted to give my take on what happened and see what people think of it

To start with , we all saw mother is quite a huge lyer , and I don't care that much about her oversimplified explanation of the light that ruined the episode for a lot of people, it s really a shame cause it s probably more complicated than that .

Anyway I think that light source in the cave is keeping smokey inside . Yes , I think smokey is already in the cave even before mother takes the brothers there as kids , and I think mother is perfectly aware of that.

So when she gets the opportunity of having two babies she can influence the way she wants , she tries to make one of them the new protector so she can finally die .

Anyway i don't think she planned on jacob "overreacting" and throwing his bro' in the light , so let's get her out of the way .

When Mib falls into the light , my take is that he corrupted the balance that was maintaining smokey locked under , and allowed him to first tear mib's light apart from his body and capture it , then escaping his jail .

I think smokey was already trapped there because we can see after he gets a hold on lockes soul that he has his memories , and a lot of his feelings . The souls inside mib are apart from their body but they're still alive in a way , and , in little proportion are able to act over smokey's influence .

So it probably work both ways . I think mib uses these memories and emotions (and also physical appearence) to make sure candidates who come to the island will thrust him , as he looks like a man with an honnest story that just wants to get off the island and never look back . It gives him an advantage over jacob that usually don't interract with candidates so that they can make their own choices .

So now we have smokey talking like john locke , acting like an angry mib trapped for god knows how long , and thinking that smokey , the pure evil that wants to go out and spread to the world.

But clues have been shown to us that the trapped souls can get some kind of control sometimes over smokey , at the moment it hasn t been some huge stuff , but i wouldn't be surprised if by the end of the series , mib's or locke's soul( maybe more the scond) will manage to take control of smokey at a critical point and save the day .

So of course that leaves us with not a lot of concrete explanations of where smokey comes from , but we can probably stick with he's pure evil that wants to spread to the world to end/change it .

As for the light source , it might end up being like a sacred artifact , like the source where all human souls come from , the source of life , the only thing capable of keeping evil in its cell .I guess it would be better to stick with the basis on how exactly it's working (it's just working), and focus on how these source of life that seems so important and the pure evil smoke monster trapped under got to be on this island in the first place and who put it here. And I think they'll tell us .

So do you think i m nuts and smokey is just mib's soul ripped apart from his body by the light , or has smokey captured the soul and escaped ?(remember the cork , sure it is the island in jacob's metaphore to richard but when he told it , smokey was already out of the cave and confined on the island , but i think that the cork is initially the light source , plus it sure looked like jacob didn't want to tell richard about it , so he used the island instead)

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