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the smoke monster just wants to go "home" by rob

After watching tonight's episode, i have a theory on the smoke monster's motives. when Jacob and MIB's "mom" took them to the cave with the light she said that it was the heart of the island, that the light was warmth and good. over the years, MIB became tainted by living with the other people on the island, so he was corrupt. when Jacob threw his brother down the cave the darkness took over the light and was expelled from the cave in the form of the smoke monster.

so basically, the smoke monster is the physical manifestation of the heart of the island, now turned dark by the corruption...

in a past episode, when Locke was pure, the smoke monster tried pulling him down into what i think was a path to the cave, to try and return the warmth to the light, so that the smoke monster could return to his "home" as pure light.

i think that as long as a protector of the island exists, the smoke monster is unable to return home, so he needs all of the candidates dead except for Clair, who despite being a little batty is still an innocent, so that he can return to to his cave. it was the brother when he was alive who wanted to leave the island, but the smoke monster has always said he just wanted to go home. i think to certain people he says "leave the island" just to manipulate them to doing what he wants, but in direct conversations i think he just uses the word home.

just some rambling thoughts after the episode, but could be on to something....

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