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The island is the hell and the evil lives there, but in the show, hell is not a place where dead people go after they die, it is a black hole in the earth responsible to balance the duality of the world like positive and negative magnetism, dark and light, cold and hot, the symmetry of the against.

The hell [island] is a place where alive people can go but it may cause consequences in their life and their perception of reality, because the hell runs under a different reality.

The black smoke is the evil who is able to play with human perception, like believing that a dead person is walking among them. Whoever has faith enough to believe that dead people is a fake mask of the devil is killed by the smoke, like Mr. Eko after he gets scanned by it. The smoke read the memories of Mr. Eko's and judged him before killing him.

Who is the good? Who is the antonym of the evil?

The island is the good character against the evil [black smoke] and both live in the same reality (the black hole of the Earth, remember?).
The island is a small ecosystem inside the black hole of the Earth.
And in this ecosystem the "Mother Earth" can connect to the human. For this, the man has to undergo to a test, if he passes he will connect to the life energy running through the island.

"That man who sent you to kill me believes that everyone is corruptible because it's in their very nature to sin. I bring people here to prove him wrong. And when they get here their past doesn't matter." - Jacob, Season 6 Episode 9.

The connection happens when the person figure out the purpose of the island by his own, if he is told about the life of the island he may believe but the connection wont be established. That's why everyone in the island has sort of a silence vote.

It is happening to Jack, the same way that it may had happened to Jacob. And when Jacob figured out he was chosen, he started to recruit people to be tested by the island. So we have the candidates.

"Because I wanted them to help themselves to know the differences between the right and wrong without me having to tell them. It's all meaningless if I have to force someone to do anything." - Jacob, Season 6 Episode 9.

Jacob knows that because [perhaps] he tried to tell the good news about the island's life energy to many people, but the smoke lied to them to make their minds. The smoke spoils Jacob's plan to make the candidates figure out the truth about the island by their own. The smoke's plan is to break the connection between the island and the humans, sending them off the island and killing the others. Without the connection it would spread and turn the world into darkness.

Then Richard gets the job to help Jacob to recruit candidates and to protect them from the lies of the black smoke. If the candidate fails and get off the island, he has a life of disorder, like jack. Charles once asked if Ben came to kill him and Ben says: "We both know I can't do that".

That's because Widmore was touched by Jacob and got a life of luck outside the island, he's in charge of helping Jacob to bring the candidates to the island.

Love is the world's constant. Outside the hell (black hole in the earth), the love is spread over the world.

When the hydrogen bomb was blasted, the constant of the world is gone and it's ready to be overtaken by the darknes (black smoke). Desmond has the role of spreading the constant again over the world beginning with the passengers of the flight 815. All this stuffs about love and constant i guess it's because americans love "love stuffs".

Well, that's my point so far.

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