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RICHARD by jayyyy

Don't know if this was posted before, but what if Richard is the true protector of the island that Jacob chose awhile back. Jacob only did ritual with Jack to make others believe he is the one taking over the role, maybe to also trick smokey. Jacob rambled some chants then had Jack drink water, whereas when Jacob's mother handed over the role she had him drink wine. The only other person Jacob drinks wine with is, as you guess from the thread, Richard. Richard also does not age at all, like Jacob and his mother...the previous protectors of the island. I believe Richard is still alive after being just thrown by smokey, Smokey can't actually kill Richard. Richard will be the protector and the one to eventually save the island......Jacob's plan all along to kill smokey. Richard wanted to die after Jacob died because he lived all these years not knowing why he was on the island because Jacob never revealed it to him before passing away. Now is the time he will find out why is on the island. To SAVE it.

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