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(I apologize if this has already been theorized, but I don't remember reading anything on this just yet.)

Throughout the sixth season we've been introduced to this "game" MIB and Jacob are playing, and that the Losties are being used as if they were pawns in a board game. We've established that there are certain rules MIB and Jacob have to follow, and breaking the rules seem to not be possible, without the use of loopholes. An example of one of the rules is something like: "You cannot help the pieces move or progress physically", or "You, yourself, cannot kill them." We understand that MIB and Jacob are just trying to prove their own points: Whether or not man is naturally corrupt.

There are, however, rules for the pieces(characters) on the board(island). The Losties were presented with rules on time travel, how to get back to the island, and rules on how to eliminate the entities residing on the island.

Which brings me to my main point. What will be the fate of MIB? Will he lose, finally, unable to escape the island, or even die? It's not very likely at this certain point in the show, because according to Dogen/MIB, in order to kill MIB or Jacob, they state: "Plunge this dagger deep into his heart. Don't let him speak to you. If he does, it will already be too late." This season, it seems that everyone has come in contact with Smokey one way or another, and talked to him or let him speak.

I'm guessing that during the finale, Jacob will have his replacement(preferably Jack) taken care of, and the rest of the main characters will have died and/or used for other purposes on the island...But MIB will still remain.

Who still hasn't been approached by Smokey? From what I know, all of the offspring of the Losties. Penny, Desmond's son, Charlie, Ji Yion, Aaron, Walt, Clementine, and David(from the ALT).

My thought is that let's say, 15-20 years from the time Jack becomes Jacob's new replacement, the new candidates will be those kids, more grown up by now. Somehow Jack will influence their lives through the lighthouse, and get them to come to the island via plane crash or another method. Since they haven't met the MIB yet, it is possible that one of them could finish off the job, and ultimately end the smoke monster's life.

The show is all about loops and mirror images, so I wouldn't say this is so far-fetched...Anyway, thanks for reading, I may have rambled, but let me know what you think.

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