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As a lot of people have already stated, I found the flashbacks during the Adam and Eve reveal to be way too heavy-handed. Everything we were watching during "Across the Sea" had some relevance to the present saga, but why were there such pains to make the Adam and Eve connection so painfully obvious, and over-the-top emotional?

It is important that the skeletons that were discovered belonged to these two archetypal characters. But more importantly, the flashbacks positioned a way of viewing the end of the show.

In Jacob's time, we have three characters...
MIB - A tortured and mistreated person, who was always seeking and questioning.
Mother - Let's not try to get into all her motivations, but suffice it to say the Mother was deceptive and crafty, yet sincerely emotional. She seemed to carry a huge sadness and burden on her at all times, as though the past weighed her down.
Jacob - Jacob believes in good, and is willing to trust. He is in fact desperate to trust, lending his support to the mother, and seeing the good in the other people, and still conversing with the MIB as an adult. He seeks to be reasonable, but can snap, feeling as though he is always slightly left out.

OK. The flashback that we saw gave us our modern characters, Jack, Locke, and Kate, and I think was a way of re-positioning them in the guise of the ancient characters. In other words,

Locke =MIB -We have seen this journey pretty thoroughly. Locke had questions and demanded answers. He followed these questions to his death. He had a lack of respect for other people, as he had an early belief in his peculiar special-ness.
Jack= Jacob - Likewise, we've seen Jack act as a cautious man of science, desperate to believe that there is a "real" way that things work and nothing beyond. When he is confused by another person or belief, he can turn in a moment. What can they understand that he doesn't?
Kate = Mother - This is the journey we haven't quite seen yet, and I think the most intriguing of the three. Kate is certainly like the mother in many respects. She has adopted a child without the will of the mother, she is deceptive, she carries a heavy past with her and seems burdened by this history. She is emotional. Yet she is not yet as cynical or willfully manipulative as the mother.

My prediction for the end of the series is that these three characters will end it, although I'm not completely sure how. I believe the following things will happen:

The MIB will reveal to Jack that the whole thing has been a game, wrecking Jack's new-found purpose. He will react by doing something pretty bad, i.e. messing with the light, maybe creating the ALT.

Kate will arrive, and in a storm of fury kill the MIB. He will look at her and say, "Thank you."

Beyond that, I'm as lost as everyone...

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