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Parallel Universes by Gilbert

Before reading: Understand the Theory of Parallel Universe

The whole series of Lost has been surrounded with new beginnings, what if you can change the past, and time travel. Every character on Lost has wanted at one point in time to change their past. The only way that someone would be able to change the past would be through time travel and the possibility of a parallel universe. When Jack is shown to be bleeding he is being affected by his "other side" in a parallel universe. By traveling back and forth through time, they have jumped between parallel universes. What the show has shown throughout the final season is the result of everything that has already occurred on the island (which will be shown in the last episode); Jack uniting with his son, John Locke getting his life together, Benjamin Linus being able to be there for Alex, Sawyer falling in love with Kate, Sun and Jin being together, Hurley together with Libby, and so on... So what is actually being shown is that the past can be changed for everyone on the island. The island all along has been in a point in time, not a place, it is in it's own parallel universe. They were all able to change the past and fix their lives, and in the end everyone has a happy ending.
-Also, the deaths that occur in the parallel universe (the island) do not effect the "future" because it is in it's own universe.

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