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OTL-ALT by gtj

Ok, this just a thought i was going over in my head to do with Faraday in the ALT timeline.

Faraday is starting to work out that the life he is living is not how things should be. His workings out, the ones that he had no idea how he worked out, the ones that he showed Desmond, helped him realise that at some point a bomb was detonated and started the ALT.
The question is, is what will Faraday do with this information.

I belive that Faraday will get all of his scientific knowledge back and will set to work at trying to figure out why they set the bomb off and more importantly.... can he get back to the OTL.

I belive that he will figure it out, a way of getting back to the OTL.


His mother, Eloise.

She obviously knows more than she is letting on and i belive that she knows how he could get back to the OTL.

How this will affect our Losties i'm not sure, but i'm possitive that Faraday will try to get back to the OTL and will prevail.

Please feel free to say that this rubbish!!!

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