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The only way out 2.0 by semola

Hi everyone, I just posted this theory to try to make my previous one clearer.

This theory is about flash sideways (FSW), what they are and how relates to the island.
For all the mysteries about the island there are a lot of well thought theories on this site to read, but I'll put some ideas into it as well.

Lost, to me, is basically telling 3 stories in 1 (each one with many sub plots):

1- It tells the story about a unique phenomenon present in our world that, once you get in it, it lets you live in a special environment, a place where everything you fear, or desire, or to use Ben's words "Everything you want to be in, is simply there", and become real in that place.
The island is the magic box, all this environment, I might add, is the magic box.
So being the island the so called magic box it is clear that if you went in there by accident and then want to go back home so badly, IT creates a home to go back to, but this will always be within this environment.

2- It tells the story of a bunch of people who got envolved in this phenomenon, it shows us what they make appear in this environment (aka what they are deep inside theirselves), how they managed to get out of it and what it represented for each one of them this blood, sweat and tears experience.
The islands mirrors their personalities.

3- It tells the story of the mithology of this place, a place where miracles happen along with many very unusual things, it tells about the people who got in there well before our heroes, what they experienced and did and what their purpose is.
There are sides, there is who want to protect this place, there is who wants this place for his own advantage, there is who live this place like a prison and want to get out. And there are special rules also.

So, the flash sideways:


I think the FSW are not an alternate universe at all, nor something derived from what we've seen in flashbacks, and I believe jughead has nothing to do with'em.
I think FSW are the real background to point 2 of Lost and the only REAL reality seen on Lost ever, the one in which we all feel we are. This 2 universe never share events to each other but memories.

possible explanation

This is how I think these 2 worlds, our real world FSW and island world plus flashbacks, can interact.

Imagine this, it all begins on board of 815, suddenly they encounter this phenomenon (casually or brought by someone else it's up to you to decide), and as soon as they get in, they get out leaving them with just a strange feeling of it, because it all occurred (I mean all the time experienced on the island) in one instant.

Time in our reality is perceived like a straight line, it begins here and ends there.
We know that a line is made up of infinite points.
Time on the island goes in a circle, and a circle is a line too, but the difference is that if you follow this line from start to end you'll be lead inevitably to the starting point at the end of the journey.
This is to say that when you enter the island it's happening in a very precise point of reality.
You go there, live your adventure, and like every adventure it comes to an end (presumably death): this end is the same point in reality when it all started.

I started to think all of this after LAX episode, and when I rewatched the very first scene and looked closely at Jack's face, it seemed to me that he is feeling something weird but just don't know what it is. He just got a lot of informations about himself and other people too but is not completely aware of it yet.

And I also believe that is why FSW starts there, it is the moment when everything changed for their lives.
Who they were before flight 815 has not been not told clearly, because what we've seen, I think, it's a mix of their memories, fears and desires.
I'd call island time "distorted reality" rather than "fake reality".


How all of this can happen I don't know, but if this theory comes to be true, TPTB are intriguing us with the fact that each time we feel weird in a place (the feeling you got there before) or encounter a stranger who is familiar, all sorts of deja-ve things, may be the prove that the island really exists and everyone already been there, or will be soon.
Death on island is the only way out to this place.

On a side note I might add that MIB wants to leave so badly because he was never born: Claudia came to the island before MIB could see the light, so he's born there to die there, and only when he dies he can go back to his starting point.
But someone made him immortal on the island, haha. So he's angry, very angry.

I know I left a lot of holes open regarding all the mysteries of Lost, but if in the end what I say is right, we'll have many reasons to go back and rewatch the series to find out all the ties here and there.

thank you for reading
and sorry for bad english.

you can find 1.0 more confused theory here:

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