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Hello everybody, I'm a french guy that have followed LOST since day 1. Today is my first theory. I know it's uncomplete, but I do think the pattern is quite the one.

In fact, the nature of the island itself is everything : Good and Evil synthetized by the golden spring. The river is actually some parallel to the greek Styx that split Heaven and Hell.
The golden light is the upper power, the power of the future, the power of life.
The darkness of the hole is the lower power, the power of the past, the power of death.

-The light is linked to the magnetical nature of the island. When he was exposed at the explosion of the swan, Desmond, then, saw the future. He has been inside the light. He litteraly has been enlightened.

-The darkness is linked to the pockets of energy all over the island. That's the heart of the golden spring. I think the hole off the spring is the place for all the souls of people that died on the island. It's the place where the whispers souls go.
And Smokey is the representant for bad souls. As a matter of fact, Smokey is the way for darkness to bring people inside the hole.

Every time Smokey took an appearance, it was after it brought the body inside the hole as it did for MIB. That leaves us with several conclusions :

1) this is the proof of what Christian has become since his body arrived on the island : Smokey took his appearance by bringing him in the hole. That's why Christian's body hasn't been found.

2) I also think in that way that Locke died when he decided to turn the FDW : he entered the golden spring. In fact, Smokey brought Locke into the FDW just to attract him in the spring. Do you remember what happened at the end of season 1 ? Smokey just attracted Locke in a hole. It was on purpose.
That's why I do think Flocke as we can see him right now is in fact one Locke before landing in Tunisia. The other Locke, the one launched in the future, died in the outside world (that's also why his name was changed).

As a matter of fact, you can be touched by light and darkness in two different ways : in the heart of the spring or at the border of the spring.
-If we say that the temple spring leads to the main spring, we can say Ben and Sayid were "corrupted" (as Richard and Dogen said) because they were exposed to the power of darkness but at a weak level. Ben was still alive so darkness has lost against his own life. But Sayid was dead, he was reborn with death.
-when Desmond turned the failsafe key, Locke has been touched by light at some point so he couldn't speak. That makes me say Locke has kept some good inside him that maybe will come back.

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