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My now WORTHLESS theory... by Helmutt

Here's what the finale would have been like had I written.

The ALT timeline is NOT purgatory or whatever you would call it, but rather a reality where the bomb had went off and the plane never crashed...SIMULTANEOUSLY they lived their lives on the island as they would have right up until the finale.

From there I would have expected the timelines to merge as Desmond was getting everyone to realize the reality that they did infact live their lives on this island crazy adventure of love, loss, redemption, and that that was all REAL. But as they're remembering all of their "past" timelines I would have taken it further to the point they also remember everything, including all that Jack had done for them in saving the island. They remember his self-sacrifice (similar to the end). So Desmond and all of them join together for an event...The Concert. When I had envisioned that they all watch Jack DIE!!!

Jack's Death: I would have set it up so that the last moments of Jacks eye closing on the island would be simultaneously shown him collapsing at the concert, but then as his character dies in the alt, that breathes new life into Jack on the on island. In true LOST style piano music shows slow motion of ALT Jack collapsing and island Jack slowly getting up. Now alone on the island as TRULY the new Jacob.

Meanwhile... as Jack was lowered into the light, Ben gets enraged that Hugo was allowed to be the next in line and he pulls a gun on Hugo. After a quick argument where Ben asks Hugo to say the words and let him drink the water, Hugo denies Ben his pass to Jacobhood and Ben pops off Hugo. Then Ben goes down the hole to the light and inturn it rejects him like it did the man in black and he is spit out as the new smoke monster.

ALT Losties all live happily ever after with knowledge of their time on the island and their eternal debt to Jack and the acknowledgement that his death in the ALT lead directly to his life on the island...as the new Jacob.

Last minute of the finale shows Jack realizing his plan worked, looking up to the sky both thankful and saddened that he'll never seen Kate again his is destined to be alone - and just then the camera zooms out and shows an aerial view of a few miles of the island with BEN in the form of the new smoke monster tearing a trail of trees blowing up and rage as it (ben) heads toward the new showdown with Jack. Fade to black. LOST.

Jack = New Jacob
Ben = New Man in Black
ISland time AND Alt Time = BOTH REAL!!!

Much more satisfying in my opinion. Thoughts?

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