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My Lost Synopsis by No78

The story is about a group of people who crash on a
mystical island, which holds the source behind all
human life, death and rebirth. The Island manipulates
fate so that the 'light' is constantly protected.
When they landed on the island, it's protector was a
man called Jacob. Jacob's brother had fallen into
the light, which caused his existence to become life,
death and rebirth in a concentrated single entity,
which manifested as a being of pure black smoke.

The smoke only wants one thing, to leave the island.

Jacob wants to kill the smoke, because if it leaves
the island terrible things will happen. The smoke
wants to kill Jacob, because if Jacob dies then he
can leave.

Jacob brought the plane to the island as a means of
finding his replacement. Over the course of 3 years,
one of the candidates, 'Jack Shephard', volunteered
to replace him. Jack killed the black smoke, then
assigned another candidate 'Hugo Reyes' to be his
replacement. Hugo then protected the light until
his eventual death.

Only a handful of other candidates left the island
and lived the rest of their lives, but they all
died eventually.

When all of them had died, they entered a kind of

Before they could move on, they had to know what had
happened. They each had to remember, and know that
they can have their happy ending. They were each
given a chance at living a life where the horrors
of the island never occured, a world were the island
had sunk. A collective dream.

Once they were all united, they moved on to the next

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