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Multiple Lives by Theo

OK,here's a theory about them dying since the plane crashed.It's not complete,it is full of holes but it is a decent theory,I think.

So,everyone died since the plane crashed.But that doesn't mean they are gone.The happening of their death just was the entrance to another life (or afterlife #1,let's say).This is the life Losties have lived until the side story which was launched in the 6th season.
This 'life's' reason is purgatory,with the purge for each Lostie happening with people that he was somehow related with in the previous life,the pre-crash life.

But,dying once,going to the after-life,doesn't mean that meanings like death,life,birth,agingetc are gone.The events in the island really happen,they are not imaginary.
They are just part of something else than all those people had been living til then.
This theory can be enhanced by the arrival of Cooper on the island (who remembered having an accident and then suddenly appeared to the island,to help Sawyer AND Locke to find peace),or even Ben,who could probably have died in birth,to find peace with his father.
So,all of the concerning characters find peace.Every single one of them dies (yep,dies for the second,third,or any time,we are talking about multiple lives),and,since they have strong bonds,one way or another,they try (in their next lives) to get together again,even if they don't initially know about each other.(there is a big hole,why don't they remember their 'island life',since they remembered their previous life when they were on the island?Maybe island powers?I can't really tell)
So,the last scene ties everything up.They remember their previous life,so they decide to spend the next one together!!!
So,we have in chronological order:
1)pre-crash life
2)island life
3)don't-know-each-other (post-island) life
4)white-light-in-a-church (unknown) life

Many unanswered questions for this one,that's for sure.We could also tell that lives 3) and 4) are one life.

PS:I am sorry for my lame English,and for the excessive use of words,such as 'life',or 'island'

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