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"Mother" Origin Theory by Jackob

So in "Across the Sea" we were introduced to "Mother", the guardian of both Jacob and MIB.

Who was she? Well, in my opinion, she was a Smoke Monster.

Like Jacob and MIB, she had a twin. The events of MIB + Jacob in this episode were nearly identical to her early life.

"Mother" became a Smokey and her sister protected the light in a Jacob type role.

"Mother" however, lost the game and became stranded on the island forever.

It was "Mother"'s intention to be killed. This is why she says "Thank you" to MIB when he stabbed her. She was finally free...

Also, how could "Mother" take out the entire colony? (People I believe were brought to the island by her sister, which is why she hated them). She had to have turned into a Smokey to cause the damage she did.

Also, remember the dagger Dogan mentioned could kill Smokey? "Mother" didn't speak to MIB which is why he was able to kill her WITH THAT SAME DAGGER.

"Mother" did not want MIB to leave the island because then there would not be another game and evil would lose and Jacob would live forever. This is explains why MIB was her "favorite".

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