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Mother was not a smoke monster. She was the protector of the light/island. Nothing more.

When mib was transformed, his light (the one that mother said is in every human) combined with the source, which created the monster. His empty body was dumped out of the exit of the source's cave. So he has no body. When mother dies she has a body, she bled. Simple and you cant deny it.

Some people are using the stab before you speak thing as proof and its retarded. She was their mother for 43 years. They spoke all the time. Nuff said.

When Jacob was dragging mib he said "She burned them. Jacob, she burned them all." When mother returned from knocking out MIB, Jacob was sleeping. When they went to the cave, it was night. On abc.com, the summary says that mother killed the others while they slept. When mib is looking for his senet game, you see that the others are burnt to hell. SO, this is how mother killed them. She ko'ed mib, filled in the hole. Then at night, burned the village down, went to wake Jacob and pass on the torch. Then the next day MiB wakes up and the rest we know .
Yea, I can see where people come from when they say well how did she fill the hole up so quick. Yet we dont know when it was that she visited him. It could have been right after the crack of dawn for all we know, and MIB could have woken at 5 pm the next day. So Im pretty sure around 24 hours is enough time to pull it off. Chucking dirt aint that hard.

AND SINCE WHEN ON LOST DO YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE SOMETHING TO KNOW WHAT IS TRUE? People say she has first hand knowledge of what happens if you go in the source. HOW? She knows that it is a fate worse then death. That doesnt mean she was the monster, it means, just like all the other info she knows about the island and the source, that info was passed down to her from the former protector before her, or the source/island gave her that knowledge (if she is the first protector).

Some say that the hieroglyphs and depiction of smokey predate MIB's time. NO, not necesarily. Jacob started to bring many people to the island, so its not a stretch of the imagination that he brought people capable of writting heiroglyphs. Not to mention that the last known hieroglyph is the Graffito of Esmet, which is dated to 396 AD. Around 300 years after MiB died. Plenty of time for some worship and temple building to take place.

Lets also throw in the diservice to fans. For six years, ever since that fatefull night the survivors heard the smoke monster in the jungle, we have wondered up and down what the monster was. Wondered its origins, its motives, its secrets. Its the oldest mystery of Lost. Then at the end of it all they tell us that it is not unique? That there were others before it? That its not as big a deal? No I refuse to believe that the writers are that disloyal or stupid.

And please dont post comments about how she turned into the smokey to drift into the well quietly without MIB knowing. Its dumb reasoning. Watch the episode again. She WALKS to MIBs camp. Why walk if she is a smoke monster? Not to mention that there are countless times that the others snuck up on the losties.

Another "proof" is that she set up MIB to kill her. Thats not proof at all. She killed the others because like darma they were to close to using the light. And she ko'ed MIB because she didnt want him to leave and she wanted him to be the protector. When MIB made the decision to leave, she had to go into protect mode and she did what she thought she had to to protect the island. However she knew there would be consequences for killing his people. Look at her expression when she hears that a storm is coming. Its an expression like she knows MIB is gonna be pissed, thats hes coming. Darlton have even said that when it rains, something bad usually happens.

So lets discuss this, post comments and dont be shy.

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