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Previously....on LOST......

Kate:"I don't want to be Adam&Eve".

Hurley:"I kinda see the dead,dude".

MIB to Kate:"My mother was crazy..."

Florida.Kate looks at a pregnancy test and it shows that it's negative....she cries(more on this later).

L.A. Jacob shares a cab with Hurley,having a short conversation about the island.

Now with that being said....

Let's talk about Mother....what a strange woman? I mean...three things I would like to point out(FACTS!).

1)She is immortal.she does not age(when she got the boys,she looked in her 40's and looked the same 43 years later).

2)Mother is a liar. She clearly lied about MIB's game set he found by saying it was from her(when it was clearly from the ship wreckage many years ago and it was washed up there at some point).She picks and chooses the truth at her discretion.

3)She is crazy.I think she was the 1st person on the island...ever.I think years of isolation made her go crazy.

But the strange thing is.....she has no name?...why?...cause they don't want us to know,yet.But I think I know her name and her name is none other then.......


Yep.Kate Austen....just a middle-aged version.The hair.The eyes.The lying....and the fact that she looks like an older Kate.WHOA! you say! but before everyone gets bent outta shape....let me explain a little more.....

Kate by all means is barren in her womb....she can't have babies.I think she does not know this,cause being on the run-she can't see/have a proper doctor/OBYN.I think her last visit to IOWA(to visit her dying Mother)-she slept/had an affair with her childhood friend Tommy(Tommy's wife and kid were out of town,remember?).After he was killed....Kate ran! and kept running.We'll....she ran to Florida and got married(quickly to the funny actor Nathan Fillion-Watch CASTLE on ABC folks-great show).She took a pregnancy test and it was negative....she got all broke-up over this and I always wondered why?I think she thought she was pregnant with Tommy's kid and that would be her way of keeping him alive and in her life somehow,but it didn't turn out that way....she lost her friend forever.

But wait! It goes further with Kate....she went further by raising someone else kid and eventually believed Aaron was hers(she actually convinced herself this was reality until Jack&Ben both pretty much told her to "Snap outta of it"!) and she does have a habit of taking things that are not hers and always trying to justify stuff whenever she kills someone(sound like anyone that we just watched on T.V.?).

I think Kate will be thrown back in time somehow(that's her end)to the start of the Island.She will age 10-20 years-find the source and become immortal from that age point on.Kate would know a lot already being from the future and all and actually learning part of the Island history.She goes crazy.Starts killing whoever comes to the Island....but wait!....a woman with a baby(Kate loves other peoples babies).She helps with the births(Kate has done this before with Claire)...and kills Claudia(I want the babies!)...well,it's amazing how Jacob and MIB teen-up to look and represent versions of Sawyer and Jack(Kate's two loves).One Blonde-One Brunette,one calm-one explosive,one of science-one of faith,one wants to stay-one wants to go,one gives unconditional love-one gives tough love,one is a good liar-the other a bad liar...separate all these traits and more and you pretty much got Jack&Sawyer's traits in both the boys....this would make Kate want to keep the memory of her two lost loves alive.Middle-aged Kate was prob trying to keep everyone away so what happened to her,didn't happen to anyone-anymore,along the way-she went crazy(sad).In the end....that day in September 2004 in the caves....Kate was staring at herself...Kate actually saw her end.


Claudia. the beautiful pregnant Latin woman.She gave birth to twins and MIB turned out to be the special one...special as in seeing and talking to the dead.So MIB is actually of Latin decent and can see the the dead....Hmmm????....who else is of Latin decent and can see the dead?....that's right!....Hurley!

I think Claudia is the start of Hurley's Family/blood line and that Jacob&MIB are related to Hurley somewhere down in the history books.I mean look at MIB....

MIB:1)He is of Latin decent.2)He is special.3)His "dead" powers choose to skip the older Jacob(by seconds) and bestowed to the younger MIB.

HURLEY:1)He is of Latin decent.2)He is special.3)His "dead" powers choose to skip the older Tito(Hurley's brother)and bestowed to the younger Hurley.

...I mean...I might be talking crazy,but you can't deny the similarities between the two men.

So in the end....Hurley will prob turn out to be the new island protector....He's the only rational one on the Island anyway.....

....Enjoy everyone!

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