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I initially hated the finale. Purgatory is the ALT? After the producers denied it? I went to bed angry. I woke up this morning and also woke up about the show.

The light on the island was the protector of the afterlife. The island was 'hell', where souls were kept that were not redeemed. MIB not only wanted to leave, but sink the island while putting the light out. This would stick people (who he hated, 'they come fight, destroy, corrupt') in the same circumstances as him.

He couldn't move on. Stuck on an island he didn't want to be stuck on. He was the representation of all the dead souls that were also stuck. He promised Sayid Nadia in the ALT (if he didn't move on). He promised Widmore and Eloise Daniel in the ALT (that is why they knew a lot and were on MIB's side). Widmore brought Desmond back to put the light out to help MIB. This is why Desmond and Eloise has that conversation and Eloise didn't want Dan to go.

I initially thought the ALT was useless. Why bother with stories that don't matter? But the ALT is what would have happened if MIB won. Everyone would be stuck in hell. No one could move on to the light. As our characters became enlightened, we got closer to Jack saving the day, redeeming himself, and putting the light back.

This is brilliant. It makes sense. They were fighting MIB/purgatory just like the producers were fighting purgatory as the answer to everything.

I love LOST and will miss it dearly. I will also miss all of you and the ability to discuss a show so thought provoking. Namaste.

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