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We will know the end to LOST in less than a week, and with the information we have going into the finale, I will attempt one last time to guess how it will all end.

MIB's Goal
After killing many of our favorite Losties in "The Candidate" it's safe to assume the Man in Black's plans are evil. Like I said before, he's been manipulating the candidates to get them in a position where he can kill them all in one fail swoop.

However, we know MIB has failed because there are still at least three candidates remaining after the destruction of the submarine.

MIB said his goal was to leave the Island, but as we have come to see from his origin story in "Across the Sea," he is locked on the Island for eternity.

After MIB kills mother, Jacob said he was going to give his brother a "fate worse than death." To me the "fate worse than death" would be no death at all.

Richard comments on his eternal life in "The Lighthouse" mentioning it was his hell.

So the only way for MIB to leave the island is to die, and this can't happen as long as there are candidates who can protect "the Source" of the Island.

The Source
Mother revealed in "Across the Sea" the mystical powers of the Island are derived from light in a hidden cave at the heart of the Island. The light is a physical manifestation of "life, death, and rebirth."

I assume the source has been protected since the beginning of time by many candidates, each passing the torch off to the next worthy successor.

I have a feeling mother mentioning "rebirth" is a very significant meaning to this past season's narrative. If the source of the island is destroyed, as mother has said, the light of the entire world will go out (Vanzelleti Equation). But this doesn't mean the world is over. There will be a "rebirth" of the life as the world starts again "at the beginning of time," becomin what we know as the flash-sideways.

Basically, everything that had happened since the dawn of time will happen once again, only without the influence of the Island.

The Candidates
I believe you are a candidate if your life's path has put you in search of redemption. The lists on the cave's wall and in the lighthouse were the names of people brought to the island to be given a chance at redemption. Once you have redeemed yourself, you are crossed off the list and are no longer protected by Jacob's touch. This is why we have seen many characters die on the island after they performed a heroic act. (Ex. Sayid, Charlie, Michael.)

Your candidacy can flip-flop back and forth, depending on the choices you make on the Island, but it is only when you have been redeemed(name crossed out) that you can die or leave.

I believe in the next episode, Jack will take on the role as protector of the island taking on the show's ultimate redemption. If this happens, MIB has ran out of time to complete his mission and will be trapped on the Island once again.

However, through insight brought to him by Desmond, Jack will become aware of a reality where everyone is alive and will make the decision to destroy the source by sinking the island.

This will kill everyone in the original timeline, but another one will emerge and will become what we know as the flash sideways.

The Flash-Sideways
So, years pass and once again we arrive at the time where Oceanic 815 passes over where the Island used to be (now it is underwater).

This is the first time the Losties have been together since the Island was destroyed, and there is a sense of Deja Vu.

They start running into each other and begin realizing there the time they were together on the island. The only way for the Losties to remember the past is to connect with the people who they had loved and built friendships with.

Desmond will realize in the flash sideways they destroyed the Island on purpose to get themselves to the reality where they all are alive and will not try to get them to the previous life.

Love and friendship will make them all remember their pasts and they will come together, possibly for Locke's wedding or maybe even a concert featuring Driveshaft, to live happily ever after.

The Twist
However, we know the producers will have one last twist up their sleeves before the show ends. I don't have a clue to what this could be, but I hope it will make us look at the entire series in a whole new light. My best guess is Jack will realize the island needs to exist and will recruit new candidates by touching the offspring of our former candidates (Aaron, Ji Yion, Walt, and his own son).

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