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MIB, like Locke, was a Sucker by KaneE

Why was John Locke's body the loophole? Because history just repeated itself.

Flocke tells Jack that he chose John Locke because he was a sucker. He was stupid enough to think he was special, and to think he was here for a reason. MIB himself was a sucker, and was stupid enough to think he was special.

"Because he was stupid enough to believe that he'd been brought here for a reason, because he pursued that belief until it got him killed"

The woman we saw tonight was also a sucker at one point, and what we saw was her waiting for her loophole. She was stuck on the island, unable to kill herself much like Jacob, MIB, and the candidates, and also could only die by being be killed by someone else. From the instant the twins were born, she began the life-long con of the 2 brothers. Treating them differently, playing mind games. She planted the "game" on the beach knowing it would be found by MIB. She found Jacob to be the loyal one, who didn't ever question his "mother", and he spilled the beans about the game they found despite MIB's warning not to. She found MIB to be the one who questioned things, hid things, and wanted more answers. She built Jacob's love and loyalty to her equal to the building of MIB's hatred and disdain for her.

She learned and formed both boys into what she needed them to be. At one point in time, this woman came into the position she's in just as MIB has, by going down that river into the light. The river must have had the same type of effect on her, weather she be another smoke monster or a form of something else. She appeared as the real mother to MIB, and started the chain events that lead to him killing her, just after she selected her "candidate"...Jacob.

MIB knew John Locke was his way out. Because he saw the exact same in Locke as he saw in himself. A life full of being used and conned, yet the whole time thinking he was special. Thinking he had a reason to be here. Using Locke is the loophole, because it's happened before this same way. By using Locke, not only will MIB finally get his loophole, his happiness, his endless search to go home comes, but he sends John Lock's life into redemption. MIB saves John Locke. How?

Instead of Locke's life full being full of tragedy and ending with no purpose just like MIB'S,, he takes John's life from him. He uses Locke as his key to the door that hides behind it the ultimate bitch slap. He turns the parallels of he and Locke's life from items of manipulation into items of truth. Instead of being conned into thinking they were special, they turned it into truthfully being special.

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