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LOST is basically a game, a game first played between two brothers when they were children when one of them found it on the shore of the island. They have evolved over time from playing a game with White and Black pieces into the actual lives human beings. The White pieces used by Jacob are the Survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 whom some will become his final pieces / candidates along with many others over the past two thousand years. The Black pieces used by the Man in Black include the Dharma Initiative and other white pieces in which he was able to turn towards his side.

In this past week’s episode, “Across the Sea,” Jacob’s brother, MiB, found an old game on the island that used White and Black pieces to fight each other in order to see who would win the game. If you remember correctly, one of the first games MiB and Jacob played, Jacob did a move in which MiB explained to him that he could not do, because he had created this game and that it was his rule. MiB then told Jacob that, “One day you can make up your own game and everyone will have to follow your rules.” Jacob’s new game that he came up with is known as…LOST.

MiB choose his pieces for the game of LOST strategically. He in my opinion is the sole creator of the Dharma Initiative, and Hanso is just a cover up, a pawn, a piece in the game used to help bring others into the game. I have a hunch that the Hanso that was aboard the black rock was not actually killed by MiB, but rather kept alive and turned to MiB’s side via the Black Curse. MiB then had Hanso leave the island and bring others to the island, the same way he Richard Alpert was brought to the island. Hanso found scientists to come to the island and find a way to use the electromagnetism in order to find a way to get off the island and also to kill Jacob who has trapped him on the island. MiB also had Dharma install the frozen Donkey Wheel that MiB first tried to install himself.

Even though this was Jacob’s game being played he used MiB’s Dharma Initiative against him by bringing his own final pieces to the game almost two thousand years since there game first begun, our survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, whose plane crashed because of Desmond’s misstep. A misstep that will soon lead to the victory for Jacob over his brother, in his own game…LOST.

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