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LOST finale by E.Brandt

I think people need to be okay with this ending. The finale is what the first season of the show is all about. The internal conflict all of these characters have in thier own lives, and the need to resolve them. The science fiction piece of this show (middle seasons) although interesting, could in no way be explained in layman terms. Therefore, unless you are a true scientist who would only begin to understand "black hole theories" etc.. how Ben could turn a big wheel in the center of the island to make the island disappear, would never suffice, even if they tried, especially in a two hour timeframe.

On a side note, Jack was the one that died on the island because he was the one character from the beginning, that no matter how much he helped others and saved lives, it was never enough in his mind. Only he would need to save the ENTIRE WORLD to finally be able to die in peace.

So... going back to the finale. The island did exist. There was the DHARMA initiative, with scientists who found the special powers in this island and therefore set out to establish testing stations and sites to find out what these powers would mean to the world. The plane did crash and our main characters lived on it. The flashbacks are our characters reflecting on all the things they want to change, or reasons they are not fullfilling thier true potential. The flashforwards are what they would envision and the sideways are "if we choose to use the word" thier purgatory- the story to redeem themselves in order to have inner-peace. Jack's "son" is what he created in his mind to make right the realtionship he could not have with his dad. Kate's relationship with Claire,driving her to the hospital, being there for her is her way to redeem her mother's betrayal when her own mom turned her in for her step-fathers murder, etc...

The key to all of this is Jack's last conversation with his dad when he said -and I forget the exact quote, but some of these people have lived a long time and some a shorter amount of time. I think this scene was many years later but we saw the main characters as Jack had last remembered them- and as they had last remembered one another. The key compenents are they all achieved thier self- awarness and lastly thier self-forgiveness- triggered by these encounters with those of most importance to them.

I loved that Ben could not go in the church yet. For although he had started this process, he still did not feel forgiving enough of himself to completly enter the next phase- nirvana. John Locke's forgiveness was a huge step to him entering in this church in the future however.

And of course, that is just my theory which I am sure many will disagree with. However, in truth- that is what makes this show one of the best...I don't think there is a complete, true answer. I think it is to raise these conversations and to make one think about self-awareness, kindness and who in the end, you will be.

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