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Okay so I watched across the sea and wondered why only the other mother could find the light source.

M.I.B said that he tried to find the lightsource he went across the Island and couldn't find it. Well the reason why he didn't find it was because he wasn't the guardian of the Island. The only person at this point who could find it was the Other Mother. However, she made Jacob the guardian of the Island. This means that Jacob and only Jacob can find the lightsource. Weird now that since nobody has a guardian to the island nobody knows where to find this thing. Is this where were going into the golden/hellish light? Could be. Here's what I think is going to happen in the next set of episodes. I believe that the light source can be looked at in an etheral or scientific way. The golden light is the electromagnetic energy and vice versa.

The reason why is becuase M.I.B threw the knife and it stuck like a magnet. Now where did M.I.B. have his camp. What would it become in the future? (I'm surprised I figured this out.) Hint Dharma Station. He went down the well and left a wheel. It would later change into the answer which is the Orchid Station. How do I know this? Well in the very first episode of the fifth season Pierre Chang went down into some station and saw a dead body. Then he looked at a picture of a wheel. Notice that the wheel seemed to be up vertically. The exact way that M.I.B. left it. Now the question I guess becomes who finished the wheel. It seems likely that if the wheel was not fully built by 1977 someone had to finish it. My guess is M.I.B for the moment. Why was it frozen? The second time we saw it. Well in Dante's Inferno the ninth gate of hell was a frozen lake. It seems like this matches the whole/frozen/hell/darness/cork thing. Also, a funny little fact. When Ben moved the wheel golden light came from the crack. We've seen the golden light before in the Season 4 finale. Rewatch it its there. I don't know I just thought it was cool. The writers obviously knew where they were going with this.

Now here's the question that I want to ask. M.I.B went through the happy heaven/pure light. Did his corrupt soul actually corrupt heaven, hell and rebirth by going through it alive? What if when you die you are actually free from sin and corruption. Well in some cases this doesn't apply like to...."Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllltttttttttttt!" Or maybe there's just a lot of dead people/ghosts on the island because they can't go to heaven. In other words there is no heaven only hell. This doesn't really explain the whole Libby wasn't there scenario.

Now lets say before that M.I.B was not corrupt. This woldn't matter he killed Other Mother so regardless he killed someone and committed a sin. He's corrupt even if he wasn't before that. Now getting back to falling in alive. In other words did he make heaven into hell by falling in. Well if he did all I can say is thanks a lot Jacob! You turned your brother into a mass murdering sadistic psychopath who is now trying to kill everyone! Give him a round of applause and an encore. Then on top of that you corrupted the afterlife. Good job Jacob! In fact were dealing with this whole mess because of you! In fact Jacob if M.I.B hadn't gone all I'm going to go kill Sun,Sayid,Jin and chesty hair Frank (maybe) in the sub. I would be so rooting for M.I.B. right now! Personally I wonder if the death of all these people will give Richard an actual grey hair being immortal an all. Maybe a grey eyeliner. Either way both of the brothers are a-holes and I don't really like either of them.

I wonder if this whole golden light thing will be solved. What if were faking ourselves out here. Maybe since Jacob by throwing his brother into the well created a world that was corrupt and full of sin. Maybe fixing the golden light will truly fix the world. Which would create the alternate reality?! Who likes to fix things. Why its Jackface of course. Will the real Jack Shephard plese stand up. Please stand up. For some reason I thought that Jack should've shouted the following words to Sawyer in the Candidate with the bomb situation, "NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!" He said this before with Desmond in all. In other words its the cool/ultimate angy Jackface of all time. Well who knows. I'll guess well know next week.

Also, Desmond can survive electromagnetic blasts. Can he go into the light? Now that we know that the mysterious boy is Jacob what does this mean for everyone. What about the wine ritual that the true candidate has to do. Interesting that he gave wine to Richard. What would be funny is if Jacob was off Island and snuck the wine to the Scotsmen himself Desmond. That would be sick brotha! Well okay I'm done. Also, I noticed that I mistyped Ben Linus as Bin Linus in a previous theory of mine. Maybe I'll call him Osama Bin Linus for now on. Thoughts.

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