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The Light = The Force by Obi-Wan Linus

After reading plenty of detailed, interesting, and very vague theories about what the Light is I think I have to give one of my own.

The Light in Lost seems to be essentially (not 100%) based on the Force in Star Wars.

We all know of many references to Star Wars that have appeared in Lost over the last six seasons. The finale itself even began with a couple (One was particularly epic. Hurley looked a LOT like Jaba. Sorry, dude. ) before cutting to the Lost title.

Lets look at the similarities between how the Force is described and how the Light is described. Both are very vague. The Force is said to be a binding. It is said to be in everything. Yoda: "Luminous beings are we. Not this crude matter." Don't tell me that doesn't remind you about the surprise ending of Lost. The Force is said to be the source of everything that is in everything.

Now the Light. Mother tells us only a couple of things about the Light. Firstly, she says "A little of this same light is inside every man, but they always want more. If the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere. That is why I'm protecting it. But I can't protect it forever... It will be one of you."

Then we are told, after Jacob tries to get more answers, that the light is, "life, death, rebirth. Its the source, the heart of the Island. Promise me no matter what you do you will never go down there. It would be worse than dying Jacob, much worse."

We can already begin to see similarities in this description. Both the Force and the Light are described as sources of love, life, and everything. Both are said to be in everything or everyone. Both are powerful. Going farther, we know that giving into the Force too much in the wrong ways leads to TOO much power. This, mixed with anger, fear, hatred, emotion, etc. Lead to the dark side of the Force. Mother and MiB tell us that men are greedy, deceitful, despicable, angry, fearful people. These words should sound familiar. This greed leads men to go too far. To want to enter the Light. Find what it is. MiB was emotional. His emotions led him to anger and greed. Jacob was (almost sadly) emotionless. When MiB finally gets his wish and finds/enters the Light, what happens? He is turned into the smoke monster. Fully converted to the Dark Side.

The main storyline of Star Wars is for the Chosen One to bring balance to the Force. The main storyline of Lost is for someone to bring balance to the Light.

In Star Wars, this someone is Anakin. Anakin follows a very familiar "Jesus" path (though the story goes back far beyond Jesus, back to even the Egyptian sun god Ra...Egyptians...interesting.) He is the savior who must sacrifice himself to bring balance to the Force (Jesus, according to the stories, brings balance to our spiritual life and abilities to enter heaven.) Anakin does indeed end up sacrificing himself to bring balance to the Force by killing the Emperor at the end of RotJ.

In Lost, the Chosen One is Jack. Jack follows the Anakin/Jesus storyline very strictly. Jack's purpose in Lost is to sacrifice himself to bring balance/peace to the Light. To rid it of darkness as Anakin rid the Force of any remaining evil Dark Siders. MiB is on the dark side. (Side Note: Want a description of what the infection was? Simple. The infected were brought to the Dark Side. Sawyer and Hurley give all the proof we need when Sawyer says Sayid has gone to the Dark Side. Hurley responds that you can always be brought back from the Dark Side. That was the answer to the infection. These people were brought to the Dark Side by the manipulation of MiB. As Anakin was brought to the Dark Side by the manipulation of Palpatine. Both Anakin and Sayid/Claire were brought back to the Light, as Hurley says, in the end.) Jack's purpose is to rid the Island/World of MiB, the person on the dark side. After he does this he must restore the Light to the Island/World (as Anakin restores the Light Side of the Force's control over the Dark Side) Jack restores the light by sacrificing himself as Anakin and Jesus both do. Jack was even stabbed by MiB before dying in the same spot Jesus was speared before dying. Very literal.

This all leads to another theory of mine. Jesus sacrificed himself, died, and rose from the dead in Spirit form.

Anakin sacrificed himself, died, and rose from the dead in Spirit/Ghost Force form (as we see in finale scene of RotJ.)

Jack sacrificed himself, died, and did he rise from the dead in Spirit/Smoke Monster Form? I think that we have strong evidence that this is the case given the similarities in the story arcs and the fact that Jack awoke in the SAME position MiB did on that rock after being spit out of the Light...

More random evidence and other major similarities between Lost and Star Wars:

1. Jacob wears white, MiB wears black: Luke wears white, Vader wears black.

2. The final scene of Star Wars ends with Luke's father smiling upon him as a Ghost. They are finally at peace with each other after 6 movies of problems. The final scene of Lost ends with Jack's father smiling upon him as a Ghost. They are finally at peace with each other after 6 seasons of problems.

3. We know that both Star Wars and Lost were heavily influenced by Eastern (and Western) religion/philosophy. The Force and the Light are big examples.

I'm sure I could go on, but this seems long enough already. The point? Lost is very much based on Star Wars/Religious philosophy and the Light/Force example is a great one.

If you want an explanation to the Light...look to the Force.

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