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Despite what MIB and Widmore and Sawyer and most recent posters believe, Kate IS still a candidate. Her name might have been crossed off the cave wall, but it was still intact on the wheel atop the lighthouse. She's number 51 to be specific.

It seems to be generally accepted that the cave was actually MIB's, not Jacob's. (Afterall, why would Jacob write the names in the cave when he had the nicely organized wheel contraption?) So, I believe that MIB has made some strategic error in discounting Kate. Why? Perhaps it was deliberate misdirection Jacob. (Or maybe our MIB is a bit of a sexist?) Anyhow, MIB does not have the facts straight and I believe this point will be his downfall.

I think that MIB's end game will be to get Jack, Hurley, and Sawyer killed -- thinking that then he's free to go. But, oh wait, there stands Kate.

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