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Jacob's True Identity by Mike Mineo

This is a lengthy theory, I know. But please bear with me... I explain everything:

At any point, don't be surprised if Claire decides to change Aaron's name to Jacob in the alt-reality after a week of being born. The only reason she said "it felt right" to name him Aaron was because Ethan triggered Claire to remember when she named Aaron in the normal-reality. She will change it to Jacob when she realizes her idea was derived from another reality, but normal-reality Aaron will keep his name and become MiB. So MiB's name is Aaron, Jacob is Jacob. Both are Claire's son and essentially the same person. Confused yet? I will explain...

Jacob (alt-reality Aaron) and MiB (original-reality Aaron) will arrive at the island around 12 years of age (around whatever age the blond kid (likely Jacob) was who appeared to Flocke), which will mean that it will take 12 years or so for alt-reality Desmond, Jack, and co. to complete their essential purpose for the show, which is to open the wormhole in the alt-reality that leads to the island, thus rendering the island as the literal bridge between two realities. for more elaboration on the basis of wormholes in LOST, see here: http://obscuresound.com/?p=4175. Basically, watch the first two minutes of The Constant" (the helicopter ride to the freighter) and you will see that storm = rough location of wormhole. everyone (Richard, Desmond, Jin, etc.) enters the island during a storm for a reason.

Upon entering the wormholes simultaneously, both Aaron's will be transported back in time, meet the people that already lived there (the ones that built the well and donkey wheel), explore MiB's troubled relationship with his maternal guardian, and the story of island guardian (Jacob) and smokey (MiB) commences. it is a continuous loop to assure both realities are created and eventually converge so that good can be born (alt-reality Aaron/Jacob) and eventually clash with the mandatory existence of evil (normal-reality Aaron). this seems to be the basis of LOST.

the goal of Eloise/Widmore, in ensuring the existence of the alt-timeline, may be to set good alongside evil to result in a neutral mixture, which is the relatively stable world we live in... full of both good and evil. without good, evil would reign because there would be nothing to prevent it from taking over. this is why LOST emphasizes good/evil so much.

When Desmond, Jack, and co. open an entry point (wormhole) to the island in the sideways-reality, they will have successfully made the island the "middle point" for both existing realities. In a sense, it is "purgatory"... a meeting point between two existing realities. Think about it: the island would be a bridge between the two realities and, consequently, be a place for both variations of Aaron to meet. sounds a little bit like the causes of the casimir effect on the island, doesn't it? Also, keep this in mind:

Jacob = Aaron raised in sideways-reality "with the goodness" of Claire (the Aaron born this season, episode 2)

MiB = Aaron in the normal reality, the one "raised by another"... ie Kate, claire's mom, foster care, tons of possibilities.

The "progress" they always make is a continuous loop and it's Jacob's role to make sure that, in 2000 years, he alters events enough so that HE is born in addition to his normal-reality equivalent. So, he must alter events so that "The Incident" occurs, an event that allows him to be born in the first place (since it creates the sideways-reality). it is Jacob's destiny, per say, to prevent his "bad twin" from wrecking havoc on the world with his evil, which was apparently awoken because Claire did not raise him and someone else did. since Jacob is the literal equivalent of MiB, Jacob is the only one immune to his forces and consequently the only one able to harness him. from there, the smoke monster explanation states that Jacob turned MiB into a smoke monster for a reason. the energy under the island is what made him the monster and is what keeping him as the smoke monster, and he must remain the smoke monster so he can never leave. why? the special properties that turned h! im into a smoke monster was for the reason of preventing him to leave, since whatever smokey substance he is cannot enter or exit the wormhole. this is why he never tried to leave by turning the Donkey Wheel, which creates a wormhole to Tunisia upon the island moving.

Jughead and the entire 'Incident' was orchestrated by Jacob ever since the get-go. it was one of the primary reasons he was so invested in the Oceanic people since the first day he knew that he was going to die. they are ESSENTIAL in creating the timeline that actually gives BIRTH to Jacob. MiB is being born either way since it's the original timeline, but Jacob's birth is ENTIRELY RELIANT on the actions of the Oceanic. the role of 'The Numbers' is to identify the proper variables that allows him to accomplish this, thus saving the world in the process.

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