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Okay, a few days ago someone posted a great theory. It says that Jacob's looking to replace his mother and the best candidate for her place is Kate. Jacob's doing everything he can to throw Flocke off the scent. All of the 6 candidates are men and they protect her. (it looks like Jacob is a mummy's boy ;-))

I think it could be possible. Why?

- Kate has a special relationship with her mother
- she killed for her and she protected her
- Aaron was raised by Kate ("raised by another")
- she was pretending Aaron was her son and she lied for the good
- Kate formed strong bonds with Jack and Sawyer (her protectors and she loves both of them)
- in season 1 Kate told Jack: "I don't want to be Eve", alluding to two of the corpses found (reference to the Mother). Jack replied "No one's asking you to".
- Flocke didn't touch Kate so far

Moreover she is the only woman who can give a birth on the island. And Jack can be a father. (we can see in the ALT that he's ready)

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