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Jacob's Buzzer Beater by RyBones35

I wanted to get my ideas out before the episode to come, in which they will probably be totally disproven.
I want to speculate about the "game" going on between MIB and Jacob. I call it a game because: there are rules(the infamous rules), a time limit (it only ends once), a referee of sorts (Richard Alpert), and an objective (I'm not wrong, and I can prove it to you).

Now when you look at everything we already know about this 'match' between the two of them, it breaks down like this:
Jacob wins by proving that people are not inherently evil.
MIB wins by proving that they are.
This of course is a product of each of their motives.
->Jacob wants to keep the evil contained but knows that MIB will eventually find a way to kill him(and be able to leave the island) so Jacob must bring people to the island to protect it in case this should happen.
->MIB wants to leave, but based on the rules he can not do so until Jacob and all of his candidates are dead. The only way he can accomplish this of course is by corrupting them enough to have them kill each other.

Now, as in most games, one does not stand to be rewarded anything without putting something at risk.
->Jacob risks his life by bringing groups of people to the island because MIB can not kill Jacob himself and must have someone else to do his dirty work. Jacob believes so strongly in his cause that he does this willingly knowing eventually one group will prove him right and he will win the game.
->MIB has been trying, for a long time, to find a loophole through which he would be able to kill Jacob and leave the island. He knows about the candidates but believes in his cause so much that he disregards them at first with the belief that they will be no problem for him to corrupt and kill.

Many people have speculated how they think Jacob is still pulling the strings and is letting MIB walk into a trap that he had been setting for a long time. Everyone wants to believe that Jacob still has the upper hand.
I believe, in this case, it does not matter who is smarter or better or one-step ahead because when it comes down to it, what our LOSTIES do in the end will tip the scale(unintended) in one of their favors.
Many have also speculated and guessed at which one of them will become the new Jacob, because we believe this is the whole reason they are candidates.
I think its possible that people are missing the point here.
Remember, this is a game. Not a continuing type of thing where one needs a replacement. But a game with an end, and a winner.
Whatever Jacob is waiting for from his candidates is not simply replacement. He is looking for the big hail mary or buzzer beater type play at the end of the 4th quarter to come from behind and steal the game, leaving his opponent no chance to settle the score.
I believe this show has to end with the MIB/Smokey/Evil entity being comepletely destroyed. If it were to end with say Jack as the new Jacob sitting on the beach Talking to MIB in the form of John Locke, I would say to ABC "I don't care if the shows over, I want to see what's going on on the island still, after all two of my favorite characters are still there."(etc.)
I Just feel that the show has to have a more definitive ending(Just like a game) where a champion is crowned and we are left to remember the victory won by the side of good.
P.S. and then when we re-watch the entire series after its over it will be like watching old and famous Super Bowl highlights, watching the plays and strategy and comparing Jacob to Vince Lombardi.

What do you think?

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