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Jacob was wrong by Daniel J Belk

There was no point to the island at all.

People are drawn to the island, with basically no explanation, just to die. There is no meaning to it.

We don't know what would have happened if the smoke monster made it to the mainland - would he lose his powers? would the world really crumble? Would the MiB finally be happy, finally be able to live?

What would have happened if they let the island destroy itself? Jake plugged up the whole to save his friends, but what if he could have saved all the thousands of other people who would be brought to the island meaningless deaths by letting the island destroy itself? Maybe it would have destroyed the world, maybe it would have been just fine.

And then to have them go back in time (which Jacob and the MiB can't do?) to try and stop ever coming to the island - that completely failed.

Jacob brought people to the island - people who were already alone. And at the island, they were deprived of the lives they could have lived. And for what reason? To stop a smoke monster that couldn't escape the island, if no one else was ever brought to it? If no one was ever brought to the island again, no one could have killed Jacob. (The smoke monster couldn't kill him - only other people could.) Jacob brought people to the island to replace him, because he would die because he brought people to the island who could kill him, and he brought people to the island so the light wouldn't go out - and that light could only go out because he brought Desmond to the island - the only person able to turn it off.

So, the moral of the story is that Jacob is the real enemy here. He is in league with the island, an intelligent selfish creature that enjoys watching people die very pointless deaths. The MiB was just a victim of circumstance, and just wanted to experience humanity, and wanted the island to be destroyed so no one else had to experience the lack of life that he experienced. The MiB wanted to experience life and wanted others to, but the only way he could destroy the island was by killing others. Jacob was the cause of all the pointless deaths and was the real enemy here.

And that's what makes the story brilliant. Nothing on the island ever mattered - especially the deaths. The only thing that mattered was the relationships everyone had with each other. Mind-blowingly brilliant.

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