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I'm assuming that Mother is the Smoke Monster when Jacob and MIB were born. If this is the case then I think it can be safely assumed that Smokey is the Island's protector. This makes sense because if I were to choose someone to protect my light, I would choose the person who can turn into an invincible pillar of smoke over someone who is merely immortal. That said, it had to be a major problem for Mother when BIB (her obvious choice to succeed her because he, not Jacob, was capable of doing the things neccesary to protect the Island) left her for the human camp. When she learned MIB was going to leave the Island, she had to act fast. She takes Jacob to the cave and performs a fake ritual with the wine to make Jacob think he was the protector. Then she, as Smokey, destroys the humans camp and fills in the well, knowing this would anger MIB. She has told Jacob that entering the cave would be a fate worse than death and that he could never hurt his brother. She knew that MIB would take revenge on her and in turn Jacob try to avenge her by hurting MIB in the only way possible, by throwing him into the cave! That, is the initiation to become the Island's protector, so MIB become what he was always meant to be. If this is the case, our candidate will actually become the new Smoke Monster. Perhaps, FLocke has found another loophole and if in fact he is able to kill all of the candidates, that will break his curse, sink the Island, and create the sideways world. Thanks for reading my theory, hope you like it.

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