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Its almost done. I've submitted to you a bunch of my theorys and I think this may be the last one before the end of the show. So here goes. I've been thinking about why we haven't been told the MIB's name. I think that it will be one of the biggest reveals in the history of the show. I think that the reason that Jack is a candidate and called "the one" by Sayid is because he is a descendant of Jacob. John Locke, the one that has been called weak and told numerous time what he can't do, even though he didn't like to be told what he can't do, is a descendant of the MIB. When we do find out his name, he will have a last name of Locke. Jacob's last name will be Shepard. History has told us that last names came from your descendants occupation. My last name is hunt, my ancestors were hunters. Jacob is a Shepard, herding the losties to the island for all these years searching for his kin to take over the island when he is gone. MIB is Locked on the island. The whole show has shown us since day 1 that Jack and Locke are special. They have been each others opposite the entire series. The White and the Black if you will. Everything in the show has come full circle and we know that MIB needed a loophole in their game to get off the island and that loophole was that he needed a decendant of the Locke bloodline to take his spot. The little boy that we have seen running around the island irritating MIB, is indeed Jacob as a child. MIB is so upset about it because he knows that Jacob will be reborn and return in the end. Jacob is indeed still alive and will comeback to finish what he started. Well there you go! This is my crackpot theory of the series and I'm sticking to it. Love the show and can't wait to find out if I'm right!

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