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For awhile I have been reading theories about a strange third person on the Island that has yet to be revealed. Jacob the person who has had a continuous search for the candidate over many centuries and MIB who is the Islands security system. Two sides one who seemingly enlightens people and another who destroys. I have heard many people talking about the cabin and Locke and Ben hearing a voice that says "Help ME". First why would Jacob need anyones help he offers guideance, then on the other hand it would seem an insult to MIB for someone to offer they're assitance to him. So if those things being true who needs Lockes help? I believe that the person asking for help is this third person that is still to be reveled, and that this person represents the evil that has to be contained. Jacob and MIB are just two different checks in the system that keeps this evil in place. MIB who himself seems evil enough to be the evil that needs to be kept in place, but in some ways doesnt it seem that in some of the episodes that he is tired of killing that maybe he is a little tired of his "JOB" his responsiblities. After all Jacob is dead why hasnt all hell broke loose all over the Island MIB is only trying to kill the candidates Whitmore is only trying to stop MIB but what is Whitmores interest in stoping him, probably not his love of humanity. MIB as bad as he is, is only being used to hold in the evil that is contained on the Island he is tired of it and thinks its not needed that is the point that MIB wants to make to Jacob what he wants to do to prove Jacob wrong. They are not needed there.

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