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Maybe I am alone in all this but Jack has been the only one who can replace Jacob all along.

I mean since episode 1 when that dude woke up in the bamboo he kicked it in high gear when everyone else was dazed.

Even know early in season 1 he did not want to be the leader of the oceanic 815 survivors everyone could tell he had leadership qualities.

In fact he is the only one I see that can lead out of everyone on the island. What the best quality about the guy is he acts on his cut reaction and leads with his heart as well as his head. He never hesitates. Yea the guy made some mistakes here and there but so does just about every other leader in the world.

Jacks entire flaw is he was misguided from the start, cares too much, and can't let go when he does make a mistake. From the start he assumed the leadership role to get everyone rescued. He spends too much time beating himself up after a mistake. To be honest I would rather have a leader who beats the hell out of himself after a mistake than some guy who is like ahh oh well. He will sacrifice everything including his life to save someone else. How many times has he showed that. The entire series has shown us how he as a uncanny ability to fix a problem. His marriage even fell apart because he always need something to fix. You could see Jack starting to change by the end of season 2. He wanted to type the numbers in the computer of the hatch. He was starting to believe in in faith. He still wanted to complete his original mission and get everyone rescued. Once he got back to the island he understood he was there for another reason.

That is why I think Jack is going to be a great leader and will end up defeating the smoke monster. Let's face it. The smoke monster is pure evil. Evil created because greed is the greatest flaw of humanity. We always want more of a good thing. The light is such a power that the better question is who would not want more of it? Jack is the only one who has the ability to know what power the light holds and not abuse it by entering and being a super power like the smoke monster.

Jacob, Smokey, Mother all keep saying the same thing. They come, corrupt, etc, etc. Everyone brought to the island to test the will power of humanity becomes corrupt. Jacob is the only one who says it only has to end once. I think there are 2 parts to the job Jacob held. I think that the job has to do with keeping the light safe, and also finding a group of non greedy people who know the power of the light yet are content with just living on the island. It only has to end once where humanity can show the willpower to accept and understand that some things are just going to be unknown forever. A reason why children are so important on the island, they are truly pure from the beginning.

Who do you think would have been a better Jacob?

Hurley? is a good guy but he is wants to be everyone's buddy and I don't see him as someone who can lead. Even when he was barking orders they were from Jacob. He just relayed them. Remember when he was in charge of the food? He hated that job because he likes to be everyone friend and can't make the hard decision.

Kate? That chick has enough energy to fill up a dump trunk, but through the entire series when was she ever a leader of anything? She does however have what it takes to make the hard decision when it needs made, but I do not think she could make that decision when it effected 2 people she considers friends. In other words she could kill the man who beat her mom because she hated him, but how do you think she would do if it was a fight between 2 loved ones? I don't think she could make the hard decision in that case.

James? This guy is pretty impressive. He could have done the job maybe. But he just does not have the experience. The highest position he has ever had was chief of security for Dharmaville. That pretty good, but it was not like he was as high up in the chain as Horace or Dr. Chang back in the 70's. Like I said he has the direction but I don't think he's qualified. In the alt universe he's a detective. Pretty impressive but it's not like he's the captain of the police precinct. Plus I don't think James could contain himself knowing the power of the light. He already showed in the past he has to wrong everyone who caused him pain in the past. Two wrongs do not make a right.

Locke? If Locke was not MIB do you think he could be better? No. Sure Locke can hunt down some wild animals and seems to be in touch with his faith, but I'm not sure he is a true leader and he does not have the the ability just trust faith or fate. John Locke never showed the restraint to just believe. He always tried to find more about it. Just like the hatch. Once he got it open, instead of being a leader and protecting the people at the caves what did he do instead. He had to satisfy his own cravings by going inside not contain himself to do what was required as a leader and protect his people. Jacob would never be able to trust him with the light. He would want to find out what it is someday. Remember the numbers? By the end of season 2 it was John who wanted to find out what the hatch did by not typing them in the computer. He did not have to faith to just believe.

Ben? If you want that guy being your protector or leader then you must be warped by some crazy cult. You just can't trust that guy.

Just my 2 cents why Jack from the beginning was the best candidate to replace Jacob and in my opinion the only one who can lead a mission to beat the smoke monster, keep the light safe, and bring people to the island who can believe in a greater power with out having the greed to steal it or manipulate it.

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