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First thing's first: I realize this theory has been mentioned before, but I think it can be explored further. The evidence is mounting.

The premise is simple: Jack is the new Jacob, and Sawyer is the new Man in Black. Jack as the new Jacob requires very little explanation, and it's probably obvious to everyone. We know Jacob is seeking a replacement, Jack was one of the ones who first saw the Lighthouse, has been a leader from the beginning, has become a Man of Faith, has risked his live to prove that faith, and is far beyond any of the other Losties in terms of understanding his surroundings. He completely understood the situation with the bomb on the sub in "The Candidate." It's Jack. Heck, Sayid even said "you're the one" before sacrficing himself.

Sawyer's a bit trickier. We have no indication that the MiB needs a replacement, or that anyone even *can* replace him. But the parallels are there. Consider:

1) Both Sawyer and MiB want nothing more than to leave the island, but have been unable to do so.

2) Both Sawyer and MiB are extremely adept liars, and able con men.

3) Sawyer's the only person who's been in MiB's cave.

4) The Alt-versions of people provide clues as to their fate. Most are happier in the Alt-timeline. Sayid was not, and he's died. Alt-Sawyer is still obsessed with finding Anthony Cooper. He's broken in both timelines (as was the mirror he smashed as a cop in the Alt-timeline). Things aren't going to end well for him.

4) Jack and Sawyer have been rivals from the beginning, and arguably the two most prominent characters. Putting them opposite one another in these roles would be quite poetic.

5) Nobody becomes what MiB is without tremendous tragedy (which I expect we'll see in the very next episode, in MiB's flashbacks). Sawyer has undergone much tragedy lately, from losing Juliet to causing the deaths of four people on the sub. When he comes to, he's going to be in anguish. It will utterly break him and make the beginning of his turn to evil possible.

Keep an eye on next week's episode, and see if MiB loses a woman close to him. Watch for parallels to the things that have happened to Sawyer.

If MiB does end up having a replacement, Sawyer has been *perfectly* set up to replace him.

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