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Jack, I wish you would have believed by kidkanvas

ack, I wish you would have believed.


Thats the note that John Locke left a spiritually wounded, and disconnected Jack Shepard. Thats exactly the note that the writers left to us. Just for those that were left in completely disappointment and feeling of betrayal. The many of us who were left turning to whomever we were watching with asking "What the hell was that?!". That was me after watching the finale. How Could I be watching this for 6 years, investing so much of my thought into how these mysteries would be explained, and this is what I get? A "oh by the way, you've been dead" and a "that light is important and good just because"?! Where are the answers?! The finale had none! And anything that was an answer, felt so empty. I went on, thinking about this. About how theres no way that this epic story could end in such a cop out feel.

But Lost never really was about answers, was it? And they really did enjoy pulling that "We have to go back!!!" surprise flash forward at the end of season 3. This had to have more meaning.
Jack was obviously, very important to the show. But I suddenly realized how important. Jack, was more or less, the viewer. Starting as a "Man of Science". We watched the show, looking for explanation and answers. Thats what kept us watching. But eventually, the island became more than just a geographical location. We all started to referring to the island as a being almost. We gradually became to believe in the island without any question really. We gained faith in the island.
As season 6 came to a close, the storyline weighed in high on the "Man of Faith" side of the scale. These ultimate all powerful island keepers, the rules, the candidates and so forth. But we accepted all of it. Complete faith. Thats how the season finale, and show on a whole is to be viewed.
After the finale, I was pretty let down. I was watching the finale as a "man of science". I was waiting for the big "aHa!" moment. The big final answer. No more questions.

But it never came

I looked at the season, and series again as a "man of faith". And it all made sense, and it was perfect. This is a story. This is a story about people who are alone in their lives. Going through different struggles by themselves for one reason or another. They're brought to this mysterious island where all these things happen, and they're able to wipe the slate clean and start new. Become the people they truly are, and save the world to boot. And it all comes together in a beautiful scene in the church, when they are all able to find each other again in an afterlife before they all can move on. They needed to let go of the bad feelings, the dark, before they could step into the light. They needed each other to do that.
This finale wasn't made for the Lost haters and doubters to prove them wrong. It was made for the fans, who had faith in the series. We all were supposed to go from people of science to people of faith, along with Jack. There was wonderful story to tell, with a beautiful ending. All we had to do was believe.

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