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It worked - Was Vincent... by Leslie

Hi Everyone,

I loved the ending, it worked.

The ending when you drill it down, it's simple:

Everything that happened on the Island was real. The FS was a place the losties created to find each other in the afterlife. It doesn't matter how long it took some of them to get there, time doesn't matter in this place. In order to move on, they had to let go of their pain and anger from their life on earth. The last one to do so was Jack. It's funny, I had dream last night, I went into the church and no one was there! Not surprising since I can isolate and put up walls. Where's Desmond when you need him? Lost inspired me to let go, hopefully it won't take six years.

In regards to the Jack, Des, Smokie Hurley battle. Des had to pull the plug out of the cavern for Smokie to loose his powers and be killed, Jack needed to sacrifice his life to put it back in. Hurley was the protector for the long run. Ben, his Richard.

Now on to Vincent, could Vincent be a representation of God? He was with Bernard and Rose for the last few seasons, the most enlightened of the island. Also, when Jack was dying and he laid down (I'm still crying over this visual) it was like Jack was with God (dog spelled backwards). I'm sure this has been mentioned about a gazillion times.

Thanks all, it's been a great ride.

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