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It was LOST' s finale afterall!! by Xanthi

I first had a quick look at the last minutes.. A spoiler for me.. And I was "they are all dead.. and this is afterlife?? No!! They better explain about the island otherwise did I spend 6 years watching nothing? " And then I read posts about how disappointing the end was.. But I watched it last night... And I just loved it!!!

It wasn't related with my theories or anyone else's theories (at least the ones I read).. I didn't get all the scientific answers that I wanted but still.. It was brilliant!! It was very well directed!! The actors were great especially when they had they remembered. Sun-Jin (Great scene better than the one tehy died I think), Charlie, Kate, Juliet-Sawyer and of course Jack, Locke's happiness and acceptance,I would have loved if there was more of Sayid as he had much more than Shannon on the island although I loved their ending!! Sayid deserved a happy ending!
It moved so much... And it explained the title of the series.. They weren't lost because their plane crashed there, they were lost because of what Jacob explained. They were alone and then they FOUND each other, they created their own family/community and loved each and there was no need for them in being lost anymore.
The only think I would have liked to be more clear is the light/heart of the island.. I still don't get it but I guess it is alright not getting it.. Because, it is the part of the Faith, you just know it is important!
Otherwise, we know Hurley was the next protector because he cared for everyone which is in line with "Everybody loves Hugo". We know that eventually they all died but some lived longer.. Kate with Claire and Aaron, Richard would be able to age, Sawyer to have a normal life, Desmond would go back to Penny and little Charlie. However, they all decided to move on (to whatever that is)when they were ready ("there is no now here") all together because the people on this island became their "family". For me the time was when they realised the true meaning of THEIR life, because the ALT gave them a meaning that is accepted in general, normal lives with son (Jack -Juliet), fiance (John), important job (Desmond), fighiting criminals (Sawyer), fighting for the family (Sayid) etc but this was not related to our characters life this was what other people would expected them to have (remember Hurley's line to Sayid).
In the church you watch the man of science entering the temple where all the symbols from different religious were..But, the answer wasn't in any religion or in science the answer was in love. These people loved each other and fought for each other and that's how everything had meaning!This is the exact reason why the other mysteries didn't have meaning because the importance is on people's relationships not on scientific , philosophical answers.
Great show! Brilliant cast! Amazing Writers!! Great Direction!! Didn't regret 1 minute watching!!
Live Together!!!! We all need each other!!

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