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It Only Has To End Once by Randy Naugle

I have been reading a lot of different theories lately on how Lost will end, and the consensus seems to be that the LAX Timeline is what happens if Flocke gets off the island and that the end will show Jack and Flocke on the island replacing Jacob and MIB, but I don’t buy it. First off, I don’t think the writers would take us on a crazy 6 year story arc full of mystery and suspense only to find out that the whole show was just about Jack and Locke taking the place of Jacob and MIB as protectors of the island. Secondly, we have been told by Eloise, Widmore, Jacob, and Mother that if Smokey gets off the island everyone will die and it will be the end of the world. Well last time I checked the world was doing okay in LAX, so unless they show a cloud of black smoke kill 6 billion people in the finale that theory doesn’t make sense.

Desmond’s Plan: Sink the Island

Desmond is and always has been the “Fail Safe” of the island. He is the one that can put an end to the loop. Back to Desmond, when he turned the fail safe key back in season 3 he was exposed to the “Light” and since that moment he has been able to consciously travel back and forward through time. He has gone back to the past asking Penny to call him in the future (“The Constant”) and has seen the future (when Charlie dies) and apparently now he is consciously aware of both timelines (LAX and Island).

Right now he is trying to get all the Losties in LAX to remember their island time. Desmond knows he has to get John, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin/Sun, Sayid, and Locke to remember their island time and the only way he can do that is for each one of them to come in contact with their constant.

Remember when Desmond started time jumping when he left the island and landed on Widmore’s Outrigger (“The Constant”). He was told by Faraday that he had to find his constant or his brain would hemridge and he would die. I think the same thing applies here, but instead of dying they need to find their constant in order for Desmond’s plan to work. Remember what Faraday said to him, “ you have to find a constant it is something/someone close to you that you can remember no matter where you are in time”. With exception of Jin and Sun, everyone else developed close relationships on the island.

Desmond needed an assist from Charlie to remind him of Penny, but once he found her in LAX he was consciously aware of both timelines. He then got Libby and Hurley together and Hurley is now aware of both timelines. As for Jin and Sun, the last time we saw them in LAX Sun had a flash when she saw Locke at the hospital but neither one had remembered the time on the island yet but at that point they had not been reunited on the island. They died on the island shortly after they found each other, so I have to go out on a limb here and say that they are each other’s constants and b/c they found each other on the island, we will also see them remembering their island time in LAX during the finale.

That leaves us with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, and Locke who have yet to remember their island time. Kate is on her way to see Jack at his son’s concert, and I think Sawyer will get a lead on where Kate is and will also show up there. Once Sawyer arrives he will see Juliet (Jack’s Ex Wife) and he will remember. I have to theories on Jack and Kate. The first is that maybe the two of them meeting again will trigger their island memories. My second Kate theory is that Claire goes into labor and when Aaron is born she remembers. As for Jack, if Desmond really does have Christian’s body and shows it to Jack that can also trigger his memory of the island. Once Jack remembers he will then operate on Locke and when Locke wakes up with the ability to walk he will remember his island time (remember a constant can be someone or something). As for Sayid I have no idea what will trigger his memory.

While that is happening in LAX, Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate will go to the Light and will have an altercation with Ben and Flocke. I do think Ben is playing along with Flocke, and is not working with him. Don’t know how that will play out, but I am pretty sure Sawyer will die saving Jack somehow and be redeemed. During this altercation, I also think Kate, Hurley, and Ben will die somehow (and Miles too). Then Jack and Flocke will arrive at the Light and Desmond will be there waiting for them. Flocke will see him and smile thinking the whole time what Widmore told him was true and Desmond will destroy the island and he will finally be free, but what will end up happening is that Flocke will die.

Flocke/Smokie was created by the Light and the Light is the heart of the island so when it sinks, no more Smokie. Desmond will use his ability to resist or sustain heavy amounts of electromagnetic energy to somehow bring down the island. Don’t know what Jack’s role in this will be, but I am sure that by sinking the island both Desmond and Jack will also die. This will finally be the end of the island timeline, as the island will be sunk and all the people on it will have died each sacrificing their life.

We then will be taken back to LAX with all the Losties remembering the island time and forging relationships with each other in this timeline.

- Hurley and Libby will be together
- Sayid will still be in Nadia’s Life
- Sawyer and Juliet will be having a cup of coffee together
- Desmond and Penny will be having dinner with Widmore who
will finally accept Desmond.
- Locke will be w/ his wife after successfully gaining the ability to walk again
- Jack, Kate, Claire, and Aaron will be together as a family

The writers have said recently that the ending will be about the characters and not the island. In the beginning of lost each of main characters was alone and flawed, but each has been redeemed on the island by sacrificing themselves. In the end each has found love and they are no longer alone.

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