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It Doesn’t Matter … by CindyChandler

In the finale, Desmond and Jack share a moment before Desmond gets lowered into the cavern of light. Desmond shares with Jack his insight that whatever happens on the island (whether Jack wins or MIB wins) is irrelevant. He tells Jack about his insight into the “flashsideways world” and how nothing that happens here matters.

To which Jack responds, “It all matters.”

Now, I’m not going to tell all the fans who are disappointed that they didn’t get every answer that they shouldn’t be disappointed. All those who will say that every detail and every answer matters---"it all matters.” But I’m going with Desmond on this.

IMO, it doesn’t matter that we are still left with questions. It doesn’t matter that we never learned why Walt was special or why women couldn’t conceive on the island starting in the last 1970s or who built the statue or what happens when that Aijira flight lands. It's true; every answer will only lead to more questions.

Even though this was a show with jammed with science, fantasy, theology, and pop culture references, THOSE things were not what LOST was truly about. Those things…we find…don’t matter. So, what was LOST really about?


It was about a group of strangers and how they came together to not only Live Together but, in essence, to Die Together (or Move On Together, as it is, since they did die at different times). Heck, we even get to see that the “Gods” of the island---Jacob and MIB/Samuel---were simply people too. People who made mistakes. People who made bad choices. People who believed that they were doing the right thing.

Initially, I had bittersweet feelings about the end. Jack’s demise as he lays alone, sans Vincent, and watches Lapidus, Richard, Claire, Sawyer, Miles and Kate leave the island made me cry a lot. I thought, “This sucks.”

But then I gave myself a day and rewatched the ending. How, according to Christian Shepherd, these people created this flashsideways world so that they could find each other. So that they could go together to heaven (or wherever you want to believe they were moving on to).

These people might not have all gotten of the island together, as Jack originally planned, but the fact that they all cared so much for each other and for the time they spent with each other to “wait” for each other to come together and remember and move on together…call me sappy, but that’s amazing. And heartwarming. And really cool.

So, to me, the answers that I am left with---and the finale gave me even more to add to my list---don’t matter.

Because LOST was about people. And the experiences that these people had on the island and the experiences that we had with them for six years…and the fact that it brought fans together…

That's all that matters in The End.

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