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First to say, I have been a fan of these theories on Dark UFO for a long time, but never contributed to them. I am a fan of LOST since the Pilot and was (at first) a bit disappointed by The End. I liked the emotional aspects and no real problem with this “afterlife”. My problem was, that the major “twist” and explanation (the “afterlife”) considered a mystery, that was introduced (!) in season 6. I mean, that made 5 seasons pretty pointless, in regard to the MAJOR twist at the end. Maybe it was a good conclusion to season 6, but not a good conclusion to the series as a whole. I mean... what if the Losties had never been in contact with the Island (or the light/electromagnetism)... would they also have been in this “happy afterlife”, the Flash-Sideways? First I thought yes... and because of that I was angry with the finale and a bit disappointed. This made so many secrets of the Island so tremendous pointless to the FINAL conclusion of LOST. (Ok, obviously the people they met WERE important and I’m ok with that.... but in whole context of the series it is just not enough). Then I started thinking…. What if there were some (or even perhaps many) links and hints to this afterlife in seasons 1-5?! What if we just did not see them... did not connect the right dots?

I’m sorry, but i don’t have an elaborated theory yet, but I think (or perhaps hope) I am onto something here... So here just some food of thought to stir up your imagination and new theories:

What if the island in fact WAS some kind of purgatory.... but the Losties SURVIVED the crash. At least the island is inhabited by DEAD people who can’t “move on” (the whispers). We see a lot of dead people there… even, if they did not die on the Island like Ben’s mom. Perhaps we can even include Anthony Cooper here (he said he died!)… ok THAT doesn’t make perfect sense, because Ben and Sawyer and not just Hurley could see him…. Damn, still have to think about that. Hey, perhaps the protector can decide what to see and what not. At least everybody could see him (Jacob) in the finale.
But anyway… there were a LOT of dead people there… who could not LEAVE (or move on). Perhaps they did not have the CHOICE to “let go”.
The heart of the island was a LIGHT… and obviously there was DARKNESS underneath it. It seemed like some way of NEXUS between heaven or hell. Sounds a lot like purgatory to me. Additionally the concept of judging was also an important theme of the show. All dead people sitting in this “in-between dimension” waiting to be judged, some may enter the light… some the darkness. Obviously the island is not really located in the “real” world, it seemed to be surrounded by some kind of “time bubble”:

- You cannot leave it easily (“like a bloody snowglobe!”). Perhaps you cannot leave it… just MOVE ON?
- Faraday experiments showed that time works differently on-island as his rockets entered much later as they should. It seemed to depend on the ANGLE when entering or leaving the island. (Michael and Walt had to sail into a certain direction). By the way, this is the explanation for the food drop: Some Dharama member was just not careful enough (or just plain drunk) and dropped the food in the wrong angle and thus the supplies arrived MUCH too late. But I did not care much about the food-drop anyway.
- That TIME does not really MATTER on the island also seemed quite obvious (Time-Travel, rapid changes between night/day and sun/storm, people not ageing etc.).

A lot of these characteristics do fit to the S6 Flash-Sideways as well…. Just think about that.

Now, let’s try to connect some dots…
On our beloved Lostpedia I have read the following thoughts concerning Eloise Hawking (they are not mine, so I will quote):
“Eloise also was instrumental in helping the MiB set up the alternate reality, which is in fact a dreamy heavenlike place he's created for all the characters to inhabit. At the end of season 6, on the island, we see them all defeated by the MiB, and placed in this reality. At the same time, in the finale, we see the characters in this alternate reality free themselves. In effect, we get to see "season 7" unfold at the same time as 6. Anyway, Hawking, having sided with MiB back when she was a leader of the Others, has used all her knowledge taken from Daniel's notebook to help create the "perfect" reality for all these other characters. While she also enjoys living there, she is also present to ensure nothing disrupts it. In both realities, she has come to know considerably more than anyone.”

Obviously this was written before the Finale… but I still think it is very interesting. It always seemed that Eloise is some kind of all-knowing “puppet-master” to the fates of our Losties. What IF she really advised the survivors to unknowingly create this “spin-off” of PURGATORY ISLAND….: The PURGATORY FLASH-SIDEWAYS!!
Jughead exploded in the LIGHT of the island… and somehow a SECOND “time bubble” was created… the merits of this second bubble was shaped by the minds and WISHES of the people involved (the Losties). They were around at this “incident”… they DID NOT DIE (transported back to the futures) but as a side-effect this new bubble was created. Remember Christian words: “YOU created this place… TIME does not matter here.”
So… perhaps Widmore really lied… Jacob DID not speak to him. Eloise and his intention was just to create this alternate “time bubble”. They knew that “what happened, happened” and they knew how the island “worked” so they tricked the Losties to create this “Purgatory 2.0”. The only place where they can live happily with their son together. Eloise seemed to be quite pleased with this “bogus” world…. It was ultimately HER creation. She just conned the Losties to create it for her. Remember…. As happy as many of the Losties were in this place… something was just NOT RIGHT about it (Charlies words). In the end this place was not the place where our (now dead!) Losties belonged. YES… they ARE DEAD in the last minutes of the finale (everybody dies!)… but they DID NOT ENTER the RIGHT purgatory (The Island…. The nexus where everybody will be judged)… because of their actions on island (The Widmore long-con) their dead souls entered this accidently created spin-off nexus. In terms of “Life, Death and Rebirth” this is just WRONG…. and because of that… they had to MOVE ON.

OK, I know… there are still a lot of holes in this theory and much of the ending’s spirituality goes down the drain with it… but hey, most aspects of LOST had a scientific AND religious approach.

But I still think I might just hold the “key” to LOST my hands…. Folks, please help me to turn it! I want to MOVE ON !! ;)

P.S.: Sorry for my English …. I’m not a native speaker.


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