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In Summation by Locke4God

Man these episodes are getting sooooo good. I'm loving it.

BUT. I have these lingering questions. Such as

1. Why did it take MIB 3 years to get his "kill everybody" plan rolling?
2. What in the hell is Widmore doing?
3. Was it Jacob or MIB, or both, or neither, who wanted the Losties to leave and/or come back.

So basically to answer all these, the cliff's note's version goes as follows.

Jacob serves as eternal, but not immortal, guardian of MIB, who is evil. The island is his prison. Jacob's mere presence maintains the seal on that island prison and so if MIB were to kill Jacob, the seal would be broken and he could leave, however it is impossible for him to kill Jacob directly, or for Jacob to kill himself. Jacob realizes that it's possible however for MIB to indirectly set forward events that lead to his death, and so he begins to bring candidates to the island as a defense, whereby should he die, a chosen candidate would assume his place and maintain the seal on the island. The candidate who would ultimate assume his possition however would have to be pure of heart and uncorruptable, and so as a part of MIB's attempt to leave he sets about corrupting these potential candidates, and it works. Nearly all of them kill one another eventually, which upsets Jacob, along with weakening his defence, and Jacob continues to bring more candidates to the island! , not only for the protection of the island but to prove MIB wrong about the corruptable nature of man. The candidates by the way, possess a portion of Jacob's power, and adapt his resistance to death, and immunity to MIB's attempts to kill them. Thus they must also be made to kill one-another.

Eventually Jacob brings the 815's and MIB sets about corrupting them right off the bat, setting up Locke as a messiah like figure as part of a grander scheme to kill Jacob himself as he goes about getting the losties to kill one another. It takes him some time, but he realizes that if he gets them all to leave, that Jacob would inevitably bring them all back and in the meantime he could con Ben into killing both Locke, who he will impersonate in order to con Ben once again into killing Jacob. Meanwhile he hopes to use the Locke persona to get the remaining candidates in one place so that they will kill themselves, and it all works, despite the fact that Jack, Sayid, & Sawyer all know immediately that Flocke isn't actually Locke.

So the question remains however, What did Jacob think was going to happen during all of this? Does he think the sub explosion was a close call, or did he expect it to turn out as it did? Is he still one step ahead of Flocke?

What is Widmore doing? Is he just working on his geothermic answer to the MIB problem and threw the losties in a cage in a serious attempt to keep them both safe and out of his way, or is there something else going on with him? And what about Hawking? What did she think was really happening all this time and which side is she on?

I think Desmond is going to play a roll in channeling the Island's energy in some sort of Effort to either imprisson or kill MIB? I don't really know, because that seems to be Widmore's plan, which would appear to have little to do with either Jack or Jacob, so I don't get how the "destiny" aspet of those characters fit with what Widmore is doing scientifically.

But, these episodes are super fun. I love that Jack was going to let the bomb tick down. I love that we just saw 3 gigantically huge deaths. Charlie was a big character, probably the biggest to die thus far, but he was never as important as Sayid or even Jin & Sun IMO and to have 3 characters like that die all at once is really crazy. An obvious sign that the show is wrapping up.

What do guys think about this summation? Am I missing something? Do have a different take on who has had what influence where? Quite often I have trouble figuring out which events Jacob wanted to happen and which ones he didn't.

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