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Since the last episode, I've been searching about the game Jacob and MIB play, and Egyptian game called Senet, in this game, there are 3 rows of 10 squares in which each player have to move and 'capture' opponent draughts, moving the positions that mark 4 or 5 little sticks (depending on the game version) used as dices (the stick has a black face and a white one, a player advances the number of the white facing up sticks), the draughts move like an S in the board, starting in the left up square, and ending in the right bottom sqare.

The rules have not been fully translated although there're some 'guessed' rules and you can learn how to play it and play it here:

Well, the relevant part of the board are the last 5 squares and the 15th one. The last 5 are all safe squares except the 4th from the right which is 'The House of Water ', if you land in that square your draught is moved back to the 15th square, which is 'The House of Rebirth', here i've seen a resemblance of the last episode, since the MIB went into the water, and then rebirth as the black smoke, also Mother tell us there is death, life and rebirth in the light, since MIB dies, the smoke lives, and MIB rebirths as the black smoke.

The Senet game gain a lot of spirituality relevance at some point in the Egyptian culture, and a lot with gods involved, and the Senet game being the travel after death in pursuit of reaching the god of rising sun Re-Horakhty (light? anyone?).

All about the connections between Senet and gods can be read here:

Could this mean that Jacob won the game and went to reunite with Re-Horakhty?
We'll see...

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