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So, this may take in a alot of what others may have said, but I wanted my time in the sun/Dark!

As the 4 sat down with Jacob at the fire, imagine the conversation developed further to include this lot.

The light at the centre of the island has the ability to stop souls getting to heaven.

Ancient people discovered this tens of thousands of years ago and plugged the hole, thus becoming the first people to be able to "cross over" from purgatory. They were highly developed and built the ruins, temple and statue etc. They also developed ancient technology involving electromagnetism, I'm imagining meteorites and things here, to create a bubble around the island. Unfortunately this is unstable and from time to time it breaks down allowing the residual energy from the golden light/waterfall to begin spreading out across the world.
The ancient people then developed mathmatics, and created an equation telling them when the bubble would burst and so when it would need recreating/resetting - This equation was rediscovered in modern times and renamed as the Valenzetti equation.

I say rediscovered, more that the knowledge has been passed down through the thousands of years to be used when required. The ancients who created the "bubble" knew when and how to leave the island and knew they had to bring others to it to help protect it, bestowing some unknown power from the golden light onto a single person as protector of the island. This power seeps over the island and has the power to heal and regenerate, with the side effect that the womb regenerates too fast to support a baby growing. The island protector has this ability x1000 as he/she has been so close to the source.

They can leave the island for periods of time, but too long and the powers diminish. They spread the word secretively across the world and bring people to the island to help. Dharma were approached in this way, but were too egotistical and modern in their approach and had to die.

Anyway, the Valenzetti equation points that the bubble is soon to burst and Flocke - who is a form of escaped energy from the plug, and takes the form of the dead as their souls are drawn to him - can leave the island and anyone who comes in contact with him, they will not get to heaven! The numbers of the equation tie with the candidates through numerology, something the ancients developed.

So, thats why its so impportant to stop Flocke getting off the island.

The whispers we know are the dead who cant pass on, thats cos all on the island have been in too close proximity to the golden light. So everyone on Oceanic 315, and everyone else who came to the island can't "cross over" either. Thats why Jacob, in one of his first acts after they crashed was to take Christians form (smokey couldnt take it as his soul had already passed on) knowing that his final act would be to help guide the Losties to heaven once they were all together in purgatory.

I think that ties it all up nicely, doesnt interfere with the finale plot, gives it a bit more of a reason for Flocke not to leave the island, gives the alt reality more of a reason, and makes it clear that they were all alive on the island and fought a brave fight for the skae of us all.

(I think all it would have taken was a five minute converstaion around that camp fire with Jacob and alot more people would have been happier with the finale)

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