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Man, I really liked the emotion in the finale. But like many others, I felt cheated on the mysteries. It almost seemed like the smoke monster had no real purpose. Dharma, time travel, donkey wheel and why it was frozen, Valenzetti equation, and on and on. We kept hearing that this was a battle between good and evil. But those lines were never really drawn. The Man in Black did not seem anymore evil than Sayid or Sawer. And this bothers me.

Did the writers make it up as they went along or are we missing something? And then something hit me. What if Desmond, from all the way back to the Swan implosion, was not traveling through time, but to the afterlife. This would help with Eloise's knowledge of events other than what was in the journal. Also explains how he could never really change things. What happeded, happened. So that was his big realization in Happily Ever After. No time travel. Glimpsing the afterlife. So he tells Jack that it doesn't matter what happens on the island or in the cave. The afterlife is there. Then Jack says, "It does mattter". Perhaps Dharma and the Valenzetti equation misunderstood the real problem. Mankind's world was not at risk, but their abilty to transcend to a spirtial plane was. The heart of the island was life, death, and rebirth. If that energy was extinguished, maybe life would cease because the souls of the dead would never find their way to rebirth. Perhaps ancient man found this island themselves or with a divine influence, and built the site in the waterfall cave to create the ability to live on after death or just to protect that ability. This explains the magical energy and all the hoopla about it all ending. Maybe MIB was just fused with that energy. He probably had no idea what the consequences to leaving were. But maybe he was just beyond caring anymore. He never got to live his life and was very pissed about not having a choice. Doesn't make him evil, but it does make him very dangerous. Anyhow, I'm rambling now. It's time for smarter people than myself to take this a step further to see if we have a shot at making sense of the leftover mysteries from this.

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