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Plain and simple: I did NOT like the Lost finale. Why? I certainly did not need answers to ALL of the questions Lost posed over the years ... but a few key questions would have been nice to have answered.

- Why was MIB considered by more than one person as "evil incarnate?"
- What was the deal with Dogen's mention of every man having a scale ..?
- Were the numbers really only important because Jacob "had a thing for numbers?" (Come on, really?)
- How was smokey created from a cave of pure light? (His creation was really stupid, be honest)

Please check this out for a list of far too many questions left unanswered:

Anyways - - -

I actually liked the finale. I admit to crying a few times. It was a very emotional ride. The fight scene between MIB and Jack was truly epic. Most of the on-island stuff felt powerful and gripping, but what was missing was a visual representation of the ramifications of letting the light go out or letting MIB leave the island. Jack's sacrifice would have felt far more gratifying in the end had they included something like this.

A major problem for me came in the "sideways/limbo/whatever it was" stuff. First off, every 3 minutes we were force fed emotions, dramatic flashback montages, sappy music and tearful characters. It all felt like the producers were saying "look, we really can make you cry ... for the 500th time." I mean, the sideways world was just introduced this season, yet it occupied a good 60% of the final episode, and got to be a part of the final shots of the show. Really, in my opinion, I just don't think the characters being in limbo or purgatory or whatever the hell it was should have been a part of the ending to a show that at times was so philosophical in nature that it made every other show on television look like a toddler's finger-paintings ...

It all felt like a cop out. Really, it did. Heaven? The characters we know and have loved for so long all go to ... heaven together in the end? You know, this would have been fine if it turned out that we got answers to the most important questions. Instead, Christian Shephard shows up to tell Jack and the entire viewing public ... everything really happened, but you're dead.

I am really starting to think that the original idea was to have the island be purgatory or limbo, too many people figured it out and they went back to the drawing board, they stumbled over the fact that their creativity levels bottomed out, then they tried to recover by using the original concept anyway.


As a standalone story, I would have loved this episode ... just not as the finale of what I still consider the best television show ever, Lost. I just think it could have ended better than it did. But you're all entitled to your opinions ... that's the great thing about being individuals.

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