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I could of course be wrong, I mean, in the end unless your name is Carlton Cuse or Damon Lindelof (and perhaps not even) then you really are just speculating, and have SOMETHING wrong.

With that said, here is my humble flawed view on what the creators reached out and handed me on May 23,2010. And for all of you that are truly 'angry' at least you have images and sounds to chew on. A black screen cutting off mid-sentence leads only to speculation, all of it possible-all of it wrong. With 'Lost' we have a chance to be right...

Sorry, NOW I try and transfer my feelings to text. On with my flawed view:

There are some 'questions' I have no problem just kind of lingering. Just like Jacob's adopted mom said "Your questions will only lead to new questions" I mean really, they could've shown us where SHE came from, and then the problem would be "where did that person come from?" so on, and so forth. I think the biggie I kinda thought was unexplained (and I guess that's just the Island being the Island, how do dead people show up?) was how on earth did a nuclear weapon bring everybody back to the future? In different locations no less, yet Juliet didn't move an inch...and dies. And why didn't Sun magically bolt back to 1977 yet the rest of the Losties from 815 on Ajira 316 did? eh. Again, I'm fine with some things just being chalked up to suspension of disbelief.

After all, how on earth did some (at least) 45+ year old scientist get associated with some 17 year old kid in 'Back to the Future'? They never do explain that do they? Still a great movie, isn't it?

Okay, so my perception is that what happened on the island is they did indeed survive a plane crash on some bizarre island where amazing things happen. The "alt" world is some sort of 'cloud' above the world we grew to love in seasons 1-5 (As far as time is concerned). I mean, they always have eluded to religion from the get-go, perhaps it is some bizarre re-incarnation that begins once every last survivor dies. Lets call the alt world year B-0. I've heard it called "purgatory", if that's easier, then so be it...

So, Boone dies in 2004, he goes to B-0.
Charlie in 2005, he goes to year B-0.
Jack in 2007, he goes to year B-0.
*just for assumption* and finally the last 815 survivor is (presumably) Hurley who dies on the island lets say in...2070. He then is the last to go to B-0.

Then starts the alt world as some form of perfect parallel to the original 2004. ie. Jack is born in the 60's in the original world, the same is said for B-0. I guess we can then assign the "0" to the first survivors birth date, and then go forth, so the 815 flight in the alt world is now B-2004.

I realize it must seem confusing, I truly hope I'm explaining this the way it's laid out in my head.

So the people in the church in the alt world remember their island experiences, and "move on" in "B-2004" I mean, there's a bunch of people in there who've died on island in the original timeline, so a general assumption is that they do indeed move on to "heaven" or (and this is where all the different religious aspects come in?) whatever your belief of the afterlife may be. So, if re-incarnation is your thing, perhaps they go through the door, and carry on in "B-2004" and eventually move on to ANOTHER world following that, a "C" timeline if that's what you'd like.

What if Hurley's time on the island, his rules are that the 815 survivors, (perhaps even ALL 815's passengers) get to move on BACK to the island after they've "moved on" in the "B" world, and a "perfect" version of the island is now their ultimate heaven, and they all go back for eternity, this time to an island filled with only the warmth that they loved and missed about what the island brought them (without any smoke monsters, any fears) That could be why they've shown us the island again as if from day 1-end all mixed, I mean, didn't they ditch most of the mid section of the plane? Yet Jack's "tent" was there too.

I realize that's far-fetched and perhaps offensive to you science lovers, but perhaps it fits if that's what you want to believe.

Long story short, the island happened, the alt world is *sigh* "purgatory" and the light at the church is where you can perceive that it moves on how ever you want it to be.

I realize I have many flaws in my perception, I also realize that there are a lot of questions, but some are just red herrings aren't they? I mean really, the POLAR BEARS are your biggest problem? Really? You're paying attention to the wrong parts of the show, brotha. What if the polar bears were just plain old used by the Dharma Initiative? First it was bunnies, then they tried the bears at the donkey wheel. Happy? No?

Great. Enjoy 'Two and a half men' next week. I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy Lost the way I did. Some things just weren't THAT important, I mean the looney tune that gave Hurley the idea for the numbers, how did HE get them? And again I ask, how did Marty McFly first meet Doc Brown?

Some things just don't matter whether or not they're explained, whatever happened, happened.

I'm sorry if you are offended by my views of a show we all hold so dear, this is just what I took in, and tried my best to output to you, thanks for reading.

"Yes Pippin, my point is, clearly he's over-reacting"

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