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How it will end with balance by Kamin

First of all, sorry for my english, i'm not very good at it.

Before season 6, I always believed Jacob en Mib must be one person.

While evolving through seazon 6 it was clear this could not be the case. Still I couldn't help feeling it has to be one person.
Now after watching episode 15 I think I finnaly figured it out.

The fake mother of Jacob and Mib has apparently murdered Mib's people in the village. She couldn't do this by her bare hands, while most of those people were armed. So I think she was a smokemonster too. She knew a lot about the light in the tunnel and what would happen if one would go through it. 'It would be worse then dead'

So I think she went through the light before and she became the protector of the island ánd the smokemonster. Thats where the balance thing comes in.

Throughout the series we keep seeing hints about scales in balance or out balance. So what if it was always ment to be 1 person that is protector of the island and smokey, being in balance. Remind Dogen's words: 'every person needs a balance inside him'
So, fake mother was searching for a candidate to take over her job. When jacob birthed, she was happy as she found her candidate. But then Mib gets birthed and she seems troubeled. Thats because she knew what was about to happen. The task for being protector and being smokey was about to get split up between 2 persons.

She made Jacob drink something from a bottle wich makes Jacob the new protector of the island.
Later Jacob throws Mib through the tunnel of light wich kills him, because he didn't drink this something. It was only ment for jacob going through there.

Now Mib ends up being the smokemonster without a body.

Now what I think is going to happen:

Mib still wants to get off the island, using the donkey wheel. Turning the donkey wheel will get him 'across the sea' but it will also warp everybody else on the island into another timeline, or other point on the same timeline wich would corrupt it. So before he can turn the donkey wheel he must be sure everybody else on the island is dead, so no corrupting can happen.

Jacob is searching for a candidate to take over his job, but that candidate has also to take over Mib's job. So the next candidate will become the protector of the island, ánd the smokemonster. As it was always ment to be.

Therefore, somebody has to go through the light/electromagnetism en become the new protector/smokey in one body.
But every person going in there would die because 1. They didn't drink the magic potion 2. they won't survive the electromagnetism.
The only person able to do this I believe is Desmond.

In the hatch we saw him taking shots with some fluid in it. What if those shots contained some of the magic fluid? Wich are the reason why he can survive the EM blasts.

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