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How it will end by Penny Lane

"What they die for" confirmed in my mind what we have been building up to all season: Desmond is Jacob in the ALT and as long as he does his job right, the island will cease to exist and end up on the bottom of the ocean as it was in the beginning of LA X.

What we have seen in the ALT world is each of our Losties living the life they were meant to live and finding peace within. There have been some exceptions to this theory, but as we saw tonight with Locke, there is plenty of time for that realization to happen (cue Sayid, Kate, Sawyer). I would almost guarantee that on Sunday, the following will happen simulatenously while Flocke is trying to destroy the island:

1) Desmond takes Kate to the concert and she sees Jack. They will interact in such a way that they both see their life together on the island when it was at its best. Kate has had plenty of time with Sawyer to have that "moment" and it has not happened. From the first episode it was meant to be Kate and Jack, and mind you I am not a Kate/Jack or Kate/Sawyer person.

2) Sawyer will go with Miles to the concert. There he will see David's mother, Juliet, and the same recognition will occur. At no time did Sawyer display the selflessness with Kate that he did with Juliet. He will see that with Juliet, the pain and going through the motions way of life goes away.

3) Faraday will be playing at the concert, Charlotte will be in attendance (as Miles told us). Watching him play as a prodigy in music as he was in physics, Charlotte will have her moment of clarity.

4) Desmond will see Penny at the concert which she will attend with her parents to see Faraday and it will click for her as it already has for him. I think that crazy mother didn't think it was "time" for Desmond yet because she knew this moment had to happen. Eloise was key to getting them back to the island so it would be destroyed. Eloise pushed Daniel to be a musician in the ALT to be playing at this concert to bring everyone together in one place

5) Clare will go with Jack to the concert and see Charlie, remember and they will raise Aaron together.

Hurley has already found his love with Libby. Locke has already agreed to be fixed. Jin and Sun are having a baby and getting married. They are out of their limbo and headed towards their destiny already. I wish their was a way to fix Rose's cancer, but she was at peace with it and she and Bernard were good in the ALT.

All of these events will be happening while Flocke is trying to use Desmond as a fail-safe. Something that Widmore never would have told him to do unless it was what was necessary to make the island disappear. Jacob knows that Jack's protection of the light is for a short time because he has set Desmond in motion in the ALT.

As for the light and the dark (smoke), we know (and saw with the flashing while Jin and Sun were dying) that light does continue to exist under water. And we know that smoke is put out by water, and we know likewise Smokey can not travel over water. Thus the smoke is corked, and the light exists.

So ends Lost.

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