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It has been long theorized that there will still be a Jacob, likely Jack, and an MIB (likely Fake Locke, or Flocke) left at the end of the series. But "the rules" make it impossible for Flocke to kill the remaining candidates. The candidates have to kill each other. Of course Jack, Sawyer and Hurley would not do this on purpose. But what if they are forced to, to save Kate?

If Flocke were to capture Kate he could threaten to kill her if the candidates do not kill each other. Kate would naturally protest and tell the candidates not to do it since she is a goner anyway. Flocke would have to prove his seriousness and would kill Claire in front of them. To save Kate I am sure Hurley would sacrifice himself. I can foresee Hurley dying after being killed by Sawyer.

Now we have Jack and Sawyer, guns pointing at each other. They both fire, but Sawyer misses on purpose, leaving Jack, the Candidate, still alive, and Flocke can not do a thing about it.
Flocke turns into Smokey, kills Kate and flies off into the jungle, leaving Jack alone on the beach amongst the carnage.

The final scene of LOST will be Jack sitting on the beach. Out walks Flocke, who sits down next to him. Only this time Jack tells Flocke about how badly he want to kill him. Then, in a shout out to the fans, out walks Vincent.

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