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soooooooooo many new questions...

did they all die in 815 wreck?
if so then did they all meet/know each other from 1975??

why didnt ben want to "leave" with them??
is he trying to "hold on to" new life with alex and danielle?
so was there ever an aaron? yi weon? jacks new dorky son?desmond penny baby charlie??
desmond penny never phased back to 1970s so did desmond die by turning key or getting hit in head by cricket stick in bar in 1996 flash before your eyes after turning key?
were they all ghosts unable to realize they had all died and clinging to some sort of existense?
were they all each others "constant" and crash or turning key sent them all into "whole life flashing before their eyes"?
was jacob/mib/smokey ever even real or the gateway to acceptance of death?
why was locke no longer smokey and able to be beat up/bleed and be shot once desmond turned off light?
was "the light" the same "light" of death like in poltergiest movie???
was old lady hawkins knowingly talking to ghosts all the time?
knowing they had to go thru all the steps and timeframes of existense to "lift it up" and accept dying?
notice faraday, anna lucia, walt mike were not in the church ready to accept leaving...
notice both jack and juliet thought nothing of leaving their shared son behind
notice same for pregnant sun/jin and how was sun able to be shot in stomach and her and baby fine?
notice jacks strange bleeding cut on neck start of season was from last showdown with locke by lockes knife and his "appendix" scar was exact same spot of fatal knife wound after fighting locke
how was locke able to go from being in wheelchair/finally telling jack to operate/get SAME day operation done
as we knew the concert was that night, locke able to instantly walk fine off island after surgery
did initial crash due to high electromagnetism cause the dead to "constant" flash around so the flasbacks from first 3 seasons were not flasbacks but happening live to their consiousness as they all just lay dying on beach after crash hense all the opening segments of eye closeups in sooo many shows
was entire show" constant types of consiousness flashes for everyone held together by being each others constant?
then what to make of jacob/mib from 23A.D timeline???
what to make of eloise saying"if all these things dont happen everyone of us is dead"?
what of hatchs push button to save the world?
did entire world end when fail safe key turned and eloise /faraday had to figure way of sending them back in time to before hatch built??
why did damon state walt is in finale and claire actress said aaron would play large role in finale??
intrigued by all dead ending but they opened themselves up to so many new questions
i can figure out how nearly every charachter "could" have died during some scene in all six seasons if they did survive 815 crash...but not sure of kate and hurley
also lapidus/alpert miles got off island in airjia plane....they were not in church accepting their deaths
but also on airjia plane were sawyer kate claire so whats up with that ???
how could penny desmond happily leave little charlie unless little charlie doesnt exist?
why no alex and danniel in church....is that why ben didnt want to leave yet?
there was a time when hurley ran island and ben his number 2 as both thanked each other about it before hurley "left" and ben stayed
all in all fasinating ending and can see why they said people bne talking for months about it
no seeminly loops left but early locke definately making smokey noises at very end closeup end of "tabla rasa" and he always knew way too much about island and ancient machines like trevereht device he and boone built to try to break into hatch and in season 2 locke tells mike he always loved going to old movies with no talkies just piano playing and mike said how would he know about such old things and locke responds"im older than i look"
and flasback of locke working in toy store explaining mouse trap game to same little boy actor that played very young jack saying "used to play games with my brother" with no version of locke ever having a brother and mouse trap game is basically what man in black/jacob were doing to each other for centuries....how long exactly was mib "looking" or "posing as locke?
...since finding out about him in 1954 when he met alpert saying when/where he would be born....remember locke at about 5 or 6 years old alperts visits him with "which of these are already yours?" test and alpert see young lockes smokey drawing
so smokey was already in lockes memory or reincarnation or even was mib/smokey all along and needed to return to the island to finally "go home to the islands white light"......smokey never seen before 1989 young pregnany rousseu storyline
that also had HURLEYS VOICE reciting the numbers on radio tower??
also HURLEYS reciting numbers were heard on crashing ajira plane on island in 2007 crash...what gives there as daniel changed recording way back in 1989...........soooo many what the hell questions
i loved the show dearly and miss it already and miss the future mother of my children, kate....who all kidding aside is so beautiful i never cared that fans seemed to give her a hard time. to terry, emerson and addawaylee...3 of the greatest jobs of acting ive ever seen my greatest thanks......to charlie and claire for breaking my heart so deeply i can almost cry in every scene the 2 of them share...anna lucia s/libbys death was the biggest schock of entire show..but charlies death scene was the most heartbreaking...even more than the truly sad juliet death...both of her deaths...good the ghost juliet gets sawyer
and ghost charlie and clair reunite and sayid and shannon....but seeing vincent lay next to jack and seemingly die himself
was rough to take....i want to think vincent was just sleeping next to dying jack,,,and im going to keep believing vincent just resting as him being dead too is way too much to take...so rest easy vinny...then wander around the islannd happily...as just like ben....its not time yet for you to "leave"

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