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Gonna try to be as succinct as possible.

Remember when Jacob was born, "Mother" seemed awfully excited when she exclaimed that it was a boy. Like a wave of relief swept over her.

Given what we found out later, she wanted/needed a replacement for some reason or another. This might explain why she was so amped up to see a boy fall right into her lap.

Now, I've read various theories about how Kate is the darkhorse candidate; and, if we were to assume that "Mother" really was excited that it was a boy born to Claudia instead of a female, then it would stand to reason that "Island Protectors" need to alternate between male and female. With that said, I think we might actually have the beginnings to a genuine "Kate is the Candidate" theory.

Think back to how "Austen" is crossed out in the lighthouse, yet does not appear at all on the cave walls. Now, remember this episode (Across the Sea) where Jacob is clearly privy to some information that MIB is not (via his mother). Let's hypothetically say that Jacob is aware that to "truly" keep a balance, protectors must alternate between male and female.

A key line in this episode was when a young MIB told young Jacob that there would one day come a time when Jacob could make up his own game and play by his own rules. And perhaps this is where Jacob's own long con comes into play.

I (like many others) feel that the lighthouse was where Jacob could view the candidates and then deem them worthy or not of being a candidate. Then, he would go to the Cave and contemplate what he saw, crossing people out as he deemed fit (or when they died). The latter is where I might differ from some people.

I feel as though Jacob somehow became cognizant of MIB viewing this cave (and perhaps even the lighthouse). MIB saw "Austen" crossed out in the lighthouse, and didn't see her name in the cave. Therefore, he dismissed her as a non-candidate.

Now, you ask, why would he not just kill her then, if he did not think her to be a candidate? Easy. Jack and Sawyer are 2 candidates who have a deep emotional (and physical) connection with Kate. He figures he can keep her around so that he can manipulate the other "Candidates" into offing each other.

Where does this all lead? I shudder to think of this, but I can truly see Kate being the big hero in the end (I don't like her character that much, truth be told). Say, somehow, Jack, Sawyer and Hurley are all dead. Kate is left alive with only MIB remaining.

He goes to kill her, yet can't. And finally, it is revealed that she is, indeed, Jacob's replacement. And it all starts over again.


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